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I am so incredibly jealous. I'm also very happy that you two got to spend time with each other. :) One day I hope at least a few of us can meet up for real. I have a lot of trouble being as real when I'm talking to my friends as I am here. One day a few weeks ago I was just having a really rough day, but I was just smiling and pretending everything was great. I thought of an analogy for myself: I feel an ocean, but show a puddle. I feel things pretty deeply usually, but I hardly ever really show what I'm feeling and thinking. Instead I just keep everything very light and don't go beneath the surface. It's easier that way, less scary and fewer risks. But I could be missing out on some really fantastic friendships that way. My goal for college (which I go to this fall, eek!) is to form some truly deep friendships and relationships like I have with you girls on the blog, but in real life.


}:P I'm so frustrated right now. My computer is annoying me (as in, the connection is going on and off), I need to email two friends that I have dearly missed while I've been "away" because I've been taking a break from the computer - and look what I miss!! A blog party, in which I'm sure you all had an absolutely amazing time together. But I'm sad that I missed it. :"(

Oh, well. I'll have to look over everything soon...when I find the time...hopefully tomorrow, after loads of I'm-so-ready-to-be-done-with-this schoolwork. :P Love and blessings to you all... <3

Nicole, don't worry we didn't have a blog party that you missed :)

Ohhhh. Got it now - thanks, Therese. :) Hehe....oops. *embarrassed grin*

Sorry. I was a little frustrated last night. Been stressed out over several things and had just learned that I missed something else really big, and then what I thought was a blog party on top of that... Anyway...

I just caught up on the posts. Crystal, I loved your quest post!! Lynxy is absolutely adorable. That picture of her is great! :) And I love how, throughout your whole post, there's a reminder to rest. Sometimes I have so many fun things planned at so many different places with so many different people, I get overwhelmed about what is supposed to enjoyable!! I need to remember that God is my Creator and Savior, and He loves me enough to die for me - He will take care of me, and He does have a plan for me, and He doesn't make mistakes.

Oh, Melody, I know what you mean - that's so insightful. "I feel an ocean, but show a puddle." That way if you share your precious waters with others...if they splash it, they don't splash too much. Just stepping on a puddle. But, like you said, you can miss out so much that way, so many great friendships and experiences and memories if you just go through the motions (oh my goodness, that's so weird, just as I typed that, in the other room my bro started humming the song 'the motions' - you know, "instead of going through the motions...etc." wow). It's not exactly holding on to the life that is truly life, you know? Loving this life God has given is so much more than a puddle...

I'll be praying for all of you!!! [I really need to do my schoolwork now. :P] Love you all!!

My name is Laura, and I turned 13 on April 15. I am moving over from the tween blog ;( I miss it! I have got to get to know you all! How many girls are on the blog? Just to let you know I am crazy about horses and have one named Flower, so if I ever ramble about her or horses you'll know what I mean. I am a Christian as of January 26, 2011 (so over one year) and am trying to get *closer* to my Bible and God. Can someone please catch me up on what has happened-topic, etc. And I always sign "ilylwsbwa". it stands for I Love You Like We're Sisters Because We Are. So...


oh yeah you can 'call' me Laura or Laura Jane (Jane is my middle name). I respond to both!!! :)

Welcome to the blog, Laura!! You will absolutely love it here!:)
Melody, I am praying for you as you prepare for college. I also like your analogy BTW!:) I really hope that some of our paths will cross one day and we can meet eachother!! That would be so cool!
♥Love y'all!♥

Welcome to the blog Laura! If you want to get caught up just go back a few posts :) Although when Mrs. Rue gets back we might move on to a new subject.

Hi Laura! I'm new here too. My name is Ashley. I'll turn 14 in June. We've been talking about the life that really is life. Going back a couple of posts would probably be good. That's soooo cool that you have a horse! Iv'e only ever gotten to ride a horse once and it was in circles...... So ya. I hope you like it here! :)

Ladies!! I've missed being a part of the blog so much! I've read most - if not all - of the posts but I haven't had time to comment. My family and I moved about 3 weeks ago (we've just been renting for almost a year and a half but now we actually bought a house) so things have been crazy with that. But now... the number of boxes has diminished greatly. My schoolbooks are still packed up so I'm not having to worry about that for now. Haha :) Life's slowing down a little now so hopefully I'll be able to comment regularly again!

I have several prayer requests.
- My grandfather had another swallowing test last week and it didn't go very well. The liquid was actually going towards his lungs and he didn't even cough it up. So, yeah, it's incredibly important that he doesn't try to swallow anything at all because, if he did and it went into his lungs, he could die... My grandparents are both really discouraged because he's not getting any better. His surgery was at the end of December and the doctors said he would probably only be on the feeding tube for a couple of months at the most. Well, it's now been over four months and he still can't swallow anything.

- My cousin was in a car accident yesterday. I haven't heard the full report yet but I think she was able to go home from the hospital this morning. Like I said, I'm not sure exactly how bad it was but I did hear that her car was totaled.

- My mom's best friend (who is a very, very close family friend) nearly died this weekend. She has a lot of medical issues already - she's had multiple kidney transplants and some stuff with her heart - and now she's in the hospital because of a major blood clot (it's pretty much from the top of her leg all the way to her ankle). She also came down with pneumonia and had some internal bleeding in her stomach... Last I heard, she's doing better. She's stabilized now but she's going to be in hospital for at least the next three months. And she lives like, 800 miles away from us so it's not like we can just go visit her everyday or anything. My parents were there the past couple of days but they couldn't stay for too long because of my dad's job.

- And then, one of the managers at my work, her mom needs to get a heart transplant. She had a bypass surgery today and it turns out the problem was a lot worse than anticipated and I know it's really, really hard for both of them.

Please be praying for all of them! Thanks!

Welcome to the blog, Laura!! :) We're so glad to have you!

Aww, Nicole! I'm totally praying for you! You know you can email me whenever you need to talk to someone. (Well, as long as your internet connection works, that is!) Love you, girl!

Melody, I know exactly what you mean about pretending everything is fine when it's completely not. I tend to sugar-coat things when talking to others, especially when it's something more personal. I'll definitely be praying for you!

Sorry for my extremely long comment! Love you all!

Oh, your relationship with Crystal is about like mine with my best friend- we've been best friends for about four years and have never met in person. We actually met over an art card swap and started writing letters, and then emailing, then we co authored a novel and everything... we're best friends! :D
Love these posts. :)

whooops sorry that was KATE S typing up there under my mom's name on accident. sorry!!

Thank you all for welcoming me! I am trying to remember names...


Hey girls! So for my graduation (I'm graduating with my homeschool co-op) I'm doing a solo dance and I can't decide what song to use so I'm taking a poll: Should I use the song Legacy by Nicole Nordeman (more of a message to the graduates and what was my original pick) or should I use the song Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman (which I used once before and my mom requested. It's sappy and will make all of the moms cry.) What do you think?

Hmm... That's a hard choice, Melody. I love both of those songs! My first thought was "'Legacy' would be perfect for a graduation!" but 'Cinderella' is about growing up so it works, too. Let us know what you decide! :)

Melody, wow, I really love both of those songs! I just listened to them and I think either one would be great. they both gave me goose bumps. :)

You guys aren't helping :) I like them both, I can't decide!

Welcome Laura! I just wanted to say how much I love being part of this blog. You guys give me courage to keep going and loving God :)

I think Legacy would be really good, Melody!! I love that song. And, hey, I'm at the beach with my mom, one of her best friends and her daughter who is one of my best friends, and they all say Legacy, too - we're having a great time!! Love and blessings to all - praying for you!

Two hours later - we just watched the sunset! It was beautiful. We're having such a great time. Anyway, I just wanted to add a couple of things I didn't get to say earlier - welcome, Laura!! So glad you've joined us! Oh, and it's so great to hear from you, Sarah Elizabeth!!! Even though you did have some sad prayer requests :( which I will definitely be praying for. {BTW, sorry I haven't emailed you yet!! I'll try to soon!} Haha, Kate, I was kind of wondering who Heather was at first, until I saw your post. ;) Miriam, I'm totally with you on that. It's so funny that you said that, because I was just thanking God for what an amazing blessing it is for me to be a part of this wonderful group of girls, teens and adults alike. :) Thank You, God!!

So i'm back from a fab holiday, and up and ready to start commenting again (:
Welcome, Laura! :D I'm kinda new too, I mean I was a regular here a few years ago but have only just come back and then I went away on holiday. So you're not the only one figuring things out!! (; But honestly, it's amazing on here :D
And like some of ya'll have already said, Nancy and Crystal's relationship is really like mine and my best friend's, haha... we've known each other our whole life but for seven years we've lived a thousand miles apart, but we call and meet up and write crazy blog posts together (: Funfun...
Melody- you're starting college in the fall? WOW, that's huge! :D I really want to say "Way to go!!" in wanting to develop real, deep, honest, genuine friendships when you're there. That's awesome (: It is so much easier to develop genuine friendships at a distance, but I've had the ability to turn those "virtual" friendships into "real life" ones which I know is something a lot of people don't get to do, which is awesome. But I really appreciate it when two (or more) people have the courage to risk something for a deeper relationship IRL (: - especially awesome when you're Christians and you get to encourage each other in your journeys with God like ya'll do here on the blog :D
Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble. Signing out-.. Peace ;D x

Happy Mother's Day Mrs. Rue! <3

Hey girls!
I've missed you all so much. It seems like I've been gone for so long, just trying to get myself together and figure out life and go where God's been leading me. One of the things He's been leading me back to lately is posting comments here!
So yeah, I just wanted to stop in and say hi!
And Welcome to the blog, Laura. These girls are really great, and I'm confident that you're going to love it here.

Alisha!! So great to hear from you again! I've been reading your blog and been meaning to ask you if you were going to start commenting on here again - obviously, you beat me to it. :D I'm so glad you're joining us again! Bethan, good to hear from you, too!

Girls, could you be praying for me? Concerning my relationship with God...I've been so apathetic lately, and it's not good. So, yeah, you're prayers would be great. Thanks, girls - love and blessings to you all!! <3

Any one know when Mrs. Rue will be back? Praying for everyone!

Hey, ladies! The manager at my work that I told y'all about... I talked to her last night and she said that her mom is recovering great from the surgery. She still has a long way to go (and she'll be in the hospital for about two more months) but things are progressing well. :) Thanks for the prayers!

Hey girls! So today I went to my youth groups bible study, it was a ton a fun but our leader also gave us a challenge. He read a verse in James about watching what you say because one little thing can make a huge difference. So, he challenged us to say only helpful things until sunday morning (the next time we have youth group). In just a half hour, all of us failed at least a half a dozen times each. It is SO HARD to not say anything hurtful. It's kind of depressing actually, but its really helpful to thing about what you say so much. Anyway, thats just what I've been thinking about :)

Wow, Melody, that's such a good challenge - I think I'm going to try it. :) I already said several teasing words yesterday, but, starting now, I'll try not to until tomorrow morning. I have thought about this before, how negative this world is, how hurtful we are with our words - even if by accident. For a period of time I really tried hard to quit using certain demeaning words that I used (no foul language, of course), usually just teasing retorts aimed at my brothers, but still...

I didn't use them at all for a while, and I still try not to as much, but I think every now and then it's OK for playful banter. But I need to be careful and back off when I start to cross the line of saying things in jest or using it as a way to get away with insulting someone in anger - without it actually looking like I was mad or being mean. :P

Anyway, thanks for mentioning that, Melody! Oh, and that's so great, Sarah Elizabeth, about your manager's mom recovering well! I'll continue to pray for her and the other people you mentioned. Love and blessings to you all - hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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