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That was such a wonderful read. Wow.

I've been thinking about this concept of forgiveness a lot lately. There are complicated situations in my home and I'm struggling to continually forgive someone when they're literally tearing my family apart. This has given me a renewed energy to persevere in forgiveness despite the frustration that I'm wrestling.

I can't picture Jesus wearing jeans!

I couldn't picture Jesus wearing jeans either Rebekah!
I actually like marshmallows :)
I just finished writing the draft of an essay about the reasonableness of the Biblical concept of loving your enemy and not seeking revenge.

I'd be the girl roasting the marshmallows and waiting for the s'mores. I noticed that forgiveness takes awhile to stay, even for the little things that hurt me more than they should. Even if I don't wish them harm, it's hard to let go of that anger. I do want to forgive like Jesus does, but I'm still working on it.

I'm the person who is wondering if I'll live long enough to forgive seven times seventy times. :) In fact, I had to pause at that part and just start laughing.

Don't you just love Jesus?


Ugh, I didn't comment on the last one because this is getting so deep. I'm trying to avoid talking but I've got a lot to say about this stuff.
I would probably be the one who did the math. Haha. And I love marshmallows! Completely black:)
When Jesus would explain how forgiveness goes, I would probably be crossed between hearing it all before & settling in because I still need to hear it. And hey, this is God talking, I'd better be listening to every word.
To be honest, I'd probably be wanting to cry but wouldn't for the sake of saving face. Now, if someone else started crying, that might be enough to get me going and I'd have to walk away to get myself under control.

Forgiveness is so important, it seriously is. As much as I am definitely the type to push the limits and argue just to argue and play THAT game, I'm with Jesus on this one. If I didn't forgive all those people that hurt me, I'd be buried alive in bitterness and hate. It is a bad, bad place to be. And my cousin is in that now, I can just see the hate pouring out of her, it makes me really sad. And it makes it hard to forgive her for how she has hurt my family. But I am going to have to, eventually. I haven't confronted her yet because I'm just wanting to stay out of it but I cant, she's too close to me. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do, probably what was suggested on the last post. That was some good stuff.
If I keep talking I'm gonna cry lol. I just have to admit that I have a lot of people I'm trying to forgive and the best I can do is ignore what makes me angry. I just turn my emotions off when I know they're going to hurt me, but thats kind of a lame attempt at forgiveness. But I've forgiven people before, I can do it again.

I am the one who would be crying. I am trying not to right now, because like Paige, I have stuffed feelings up for the woman who tried to tear MY family apart too. Right now I would be crying to Jesus because I am ALWAYS having problems with my sixteen year old brother. My parents are at the end of their rope with him, because he is such an antagonistic person. It is so hard not to be continually filled with anger or rage all day when I am around him. How did you live and forgive 490 times when everyday is a new day filled with taunts and insults? How do you keep from growing cold and hating when every day your primary interactions with that person are of bullying nature? I feel what bulletsoul says about turning your emotions off. I could do that. I have done that. I don't even think about the lady because I fear I may leave whatever tentative "forgiveness" I have mustered up. How do you start to forgive when even the slightest examination of their actions causes searing pain from wounds that I don't even know how to cauterize? All I can do is say "God they are yours. I don't think I can carry this."

I can picture Jesus wearing jeans though. I like this series a lot.

Did you hear that? That's the chord you just struck. I just wrote a letter back to someone (I think I can even call her friend again) that I've been determinately ignoring for the past two months. I thought I forgave her, but I don't think I really did. I was so determined not to be a doormat I forgot that she would never walk over me intentionally and that she was hurting as well. I like this post so much I would actually share it on facebook if not for not wanting everyone to be able to read our comments. Thank you Mrs. Rue.

I'm a little late for the journey, but am grateful to have read this. Thankyou, Nancy. Thankyou.

Melody, that's the problem I've realized that since I'm going to be a teacher, I need to be super careful about what I put on the internet. As much as I love delving deep into topics like this via comments, I can't anymore. It's a sad part of growing up, losing that childlike naivety.

I know what you mean, Melody. I used to be able to write so openly about my life on here, but I really can't anymore. I have realized that since I'm going to be a teacher, I need to keep my public online presence to a minimum; delving deeply into every topic via comments just isn't an option anymore. I love reading them and praying for you all though!

Oops! Sorry for the double post! I didn't realize that my one went though and I thought I clicked off the page, my bad!

I'd be the one asking the doormat question.

Paige: I know what you mean. Although I pretty regularly look myself up to check and rarely find anything that's actually me. I've definitely never found this blog, which does make me feel a little bit better about everything I know I've posted.

Wow, this is such a beautiful post, and something I so needed to read. Honestly, this whole series has made me see Jesus in a new and refreshing way, and it has been so inspiring.

Forgiveness is such a big struggle for me, but at the same time, it's an area where I've seen God do tremendous things. I've never seen the 7x70 as a representation of the journey of forgiveness. I love that! I think it makes it a little bit easier for me to forgive myself when I feel bitterness start to rise in me towards a person I thought I had forgiven.

You are right Jyllenna. It is a journey! Forgiving 490 times sets us on a path of living forgiveness.

hard core.
id be the crying one (and mostly maybe bc I'm trying really hard not to right now. i was already kinda teary bringing this up and reading it doesn't help that way).
like this person did/is doing something that has hurt me so so very bad and i can't really tell anyone without… just no it'd do some really epic tearing/wrecking. so it makes it hard to be around this person who doesn't know i know and not being able to tell? bc i can't forgive at this point…
funny thing is, this has made me so so so much closer to god. I've been more stressed/confused/hurting/broken/overwhelmed over the past month or so (over this and school/college and my novel and and and) yet I've come closer to him than in a long time.
and it's sticking, it's staying this time.

trying really hard not to delete that whole comment haha so so hope no one i know reads that. that'll be a prayer, right?

so glad you said jesus was wearing jeans bc it fits how i think of him now so well. he's rad.

(and no emails please bc i don't check my email thanks and sorry)


What if you actually tracked how many times you thoroughly and easily forgave someone--as you would want to be forgiven--in a journal or something? And then when you reach 490, you know that it has very much become a habit.

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