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I finally get it. I cannot tell you how many times I read this and said "WHAT?! I love helping kids and giving stuff away, but EVERYTHING? How will I be secure? Does that mean I get a flip phone and get rid of my extensive wardrobe and ask my dad not to send me to private schools?! Really Jesus? Sell EVERYTHING? "

But maybe it never was that easy. I would feel uncomfortable, because I have a really nice life. A couple of people have done a really good job at making me feel like a loser because of the opportunities my parents have handed me. My dad knew we needed to move into a smaller house and rent the other one out. I accepted that. But, we lived such a nice life still that I would feel somewhat guilty, even though my parents are really responsible and give a lot.But that was them. I did hold on to something. I was wrong to think it meant "Everyone give away all your stuff!" I see now (THANK YOU) what that means. I did do that! I used to think my education was the most important thing ever. It is important. But I remember telling God that this was his life, his education and he should do what he saw fit. I gave up thinking all my worth came from how well I did in school. I started to see how I could use it as a launching pad to go where he called me. It has been a seriously good change, now that I gave it to him. I don't stress, I don't freak out, and I can feel him guiding me in ways I didn't when I was running the show.

I would be the one angry at the Pharisees. I live next to people exactly like that, and if I didn't know better I probably would have run from their faith. I have to remember to not get mad at them. Like you said, we can't be all things to all people, and I have given up trying to prove that I am just as Christian as they are. You can't "one size fits all " with Christianity because people are always called differently, and I am not going to feel shamed anymore because I don't fit what their idea of a Godly girl looks like. I don't even like baking or sewing that much. I would rather be walking in the woods or reading about science.

About the forgiveness part. THANK YOU. I feel so much freer.

This post was the PERFECT thing for today. I've had a rough day, and this was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for everyone on this blog. I always look forward to coming to this community, you mean more to me than you know.
By the way, I will try to post a comment in response the the post tomorrow. :)

really good.
i learned a butt load about the whole possessions thing when i moved overseas and back. moving with two boxes isn't exactly… normal. we moved back here with 12 boxes. It really changed us all and we're striving to be minimalists (or like almost minimalists anyway). It's one of my mom's passions now and it has become one of mine… that I need to remember.
the incredible thing is how freeing it becomes. Because really, you can't do the things 'jesus' mentioned in the post (in the chapel) when your mind is unconsiously focused on stuff//clothes.
It's cool how it's like material effects the insides and the insides effects material…
As for what… choosing ONE thing is hard and something that I'm going to journal about tonight. I have so much work to do. So much.
Good post, thank you.

(and in my comment post, I in no way want to make it sound like I have it all together and I'm so far ahead of others because I AM NOT i just thought i'd share a bit about my experience and what that passage always makes me think of) xxx

So I had this moment of realization in reading your post that when Jesus answered the rich young man's question, He was answering the young man. He wasn't using it as a theological question and answer, for everyone to take notes on and follow meticulously. He was speaking directly the man's heart, knowing that he in particular held his possessions above God and following Him.

And then how you wrote about Jesus further explaining to us - oh so perfect. Our possessions are countless things that we hold above God so that we possess, control something.

For me, a big thing is my emotions. A lot in my life, really, I feel like it's mine. It's my life, my possession. Yes, God is God Almighty, but I don't want to submit to something I can't control. So I'll stick with my possessions thank you very much, no way am I just selling them off and not knowing what's going to happen.

But my "possessions," my life, my emotions, the giftings God has given me - they fade, when they're in my "control." When I don't give them to God and let Him use me for His purposes and fulfill my life with unimaginable joy beyond my ability to create - when I don't do that, my possessions are purposeless because I'm not aligning them with the One who gives purpose.

Wow. Thank you for that, Mrs. Rue.

Alexandria - "I don't stress, I don't freak out, and I can feel him guiding me in ways I didn't when I was running the show." THIS. Plus like your whole last paragraph. Yes, yes, yes, so good and so very true.

I'm so with you, Petra, this post was perfect and very needed. I'm glad you took the time to share that and say thanks, I agree, I'm so thankful for everyone in this community, it's so amazing. :) Looking forward to your comment tomorrow :)

And Kate, what you said about "It's cool how it's like material effects the insides and the insides effects material," that is so true. This post made me think about that too, how like everything we think and do affects every part, the whole of us. Hmm...something to think about.

Thank you again for this Mrs. Rue. And I'm with you there, Kate, "I have so much work to do." I need to bring this to God. As you said, Mrs. Rue, we are not alone in this. Jesus is here.

Happy God moment! I was really worried because I'm in a dance choreography class and we had a project where we were assigned a group and had to choreograph on them. It was the first time I'd ever choreographed on someone that wasn't me and I didn't get as much rehearsal time as I would've liked so I was really nervous. I presented my choreography today and it went really well and I got tons of compliments! The teacher said it was the best work he's seen me do, which is really high praise from him. And it just really reminded me that God's got my back :) Just wanted to share that with all of you lovely ladies :)

Melody, that is so great! I'm so happy for you, that sounds like a wonderful experience - wish I could have seen your choreography, sounds like it was beautiful :) Thank you for sharing that, just hearing it encouraged me. Hope you have a beautiful day! :)

Thank you so much for this, Nancy.
Lately, I've been trying to convince myself that my good report cards and talents and personality all belong to God and that I have no right to brag on them as if they were my own. This post was perfect; thank you. :)

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