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I recently received an "apology" letter, but it was more like an argument with a holier-than-thou tone. I know I need to address the issue with her, but I keep putting it off. I figure that I will be transferring back home soon, so why bother? I had tucked the letter in the back of my draw and resolved not to deal with the issue, but now.... well, this convicts me. I'm going to prayerfully consider talking with her about what's going on. My problem is I like to deal with the problems as they come and I like people to be straightforward with me. I need to recognize that my way of handling problems isn't everyone else's.

Sorry, I've been wanting to comment for weeks now, but never actually had the time to sit down and write.

Firstly, the whole post of being childlike really struck a nerve with me. I'm the youngest in my group of friends and it always makes me jealous when they're watching movies that I want to see, but am too young, or getting drivers license when I still have to ask my parents to take me everywhere, or still getting done with school in my freshman year, and hearing about their senior/junior/sophomore year drama. I feel like I am constantly trying to act older to prove to the world that I'm not a little girl. But in essence, that's really what I am. I am just a young girl in a world that focuses on growing up fast. I mean, have you seen what kids watch on Sesame Street these days? So when I read that post, I got this slap in the face with some good, cold, hard truth. But it wasn't the cold shoulder, you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself kind of slap, it was more like a firm hand turning your face away from what you've been going for to what you need to be going for. Thanks for posting that.
Secondly, Mrs Rue, the format that you've been posting in is wonderful. It makes the story come alive and makes me think and ponder on God's word.

I'm so glad we're staying here with this topic. I'm one of those that need to stay here and muse for a while.

I haven't really thought about that; usually I'm the last person to know when someone makes a mistake. I can see previous situations when that might've been helpful, and prevented a bigger mess. Although now that I think of it, I do see situations in which I could approach them before everyone finds out.

Reading this has kind of provoked feelings telling me that I would not be very approachable if my friends came to me. What a lot to to think about!

I usually find myself the mediator or soother in the middle of problems. I seem to be the one who does "damage control", usually to the people I spend most of my time with. I wouldn't want to leave, because now that I am worried that Jesus is going to leave, I would want to enjoy every single moment, regardless of where I was or how dull it seemed. I would also lean as close as I can get to Jesus. My biggest question about Heaven is, will I be allowed to run straight to him and hug him or will I fall down in awe?

This is also funny. Because I have heard my whole life that this is how you deal with those who sin against you, but I never saw in the light of "For their sake, we bring them back to the light". I always thought it was a pass to make that person apologize.

Like Toria said, I think it is great that we get to focus on this topic. It also remind me that my peers definition of being "grown up" is usually skewed. Thanks for reminding me that this is a process.

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