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Thank you Crystal! I will be praying for you both, and thank you for all your prayers. A train sounds fun. I haven't been on a train since last summer.

Thank you for the update!
Have an amazing time at Calvin; I almost went this year. I know that Mrs. Rue's daughter's roommate from Oxford (I know, strange connection) is headed there too!! So envious! Have a blast!

ash you're going to my parents' old college ;)

Totally praying! :)

I'm praying too =]

Thanks for letting us know, Crystal :) Blessings to both of you, love you all <3

Hey ladies! I was thinking about all of you tonight and just wanted to check in. Life's been crazy... We just opened a new Chick-fil-A (the guy who operates the CFA where I used to work is operating this one, too) and we had some crazy weeks filled with preparation and training. Between work and school, I feel like I don't even have enough time to sleep any more! But one of my courses is wrapping up next week and hopefully, after that, I can jump back in here and catch up with everything going on with all of you lovely ladies. Love you all and hope you're doing well. Praying for you - especially Mrs. Rue and Crystal! :)

Hey y'all I'm new. Anything to tell me about this blog? I'm retired from tween u and me.

Hey Sarah Beth! Welcome to the blog!
There's nothing to really tell you about this blog (since you used to be on tween u & me you probably know how it works already), just comment when you want. :) Mrs. Rue usually posts two to three posts a week I think... I'm not quite sure though. If you would like to see the rules go here: http://nancyrue.com/index.php/nancy-s-blogs/teens/blog-rules

Hey Sarah Beth! As Elizabeth said, welcome to the blog! :) Thanks for linking to the rules, Elizabeth, and yeah, Mrs. Rue has been posting twice a week lately, on Mondays and Fridays, if I'm correct. :) So glad to have you join us, Sarah Beth!

Thank y'all so much!! Yeah I read the rules before I joined =)

A big welcome to Sarah Beth! :)

Welcome Sarah Beth!

Forgot to mention earlier - Sarah Elizabeth, so very good to hear from you! :) Wow, exciting news about the new CFA - I can only imagine how hectic everything has been though! Hope everything is running smoothly now. Looking forward to hearing more from you girly, I've missed you! Love and blessings to all you ladies :)

You're so sweet Crystal, thanks for letting us know! Ive been praying. And hello to all you girls too:)

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