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Great post! I love how you made one of us Peter! I would be angry, and eat a lot, and I would be stunned so I couldn't say anything.

So powerful.

I would probably be frightened and stunned.

What would it take for us to deny we know him?: We would have to take our eyes off him, focused on something else. Maybe ourselves.

Does knowing he is in us make a difference?: Yes.

Are we willing to serve each other down to the washing of each other's dirty feet?: Yes... but I'm afraid.

I would pick at my food. I would be sad and angry and in denial. I am afraid of what it would make me deny him. Ireland is right, maybe if I looked too hard at myself I would leave. Knowing he is in me makes a big difference, as I am not hanging on to some dying religion but holding a living light given by him.

I wouldn't eat, because of fear. I would try to figure out the symbolisin. But I would say that Jesus should be the one getting his feet washed.

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