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I haven't commented in a LONG time but I have been reading your posts, Mrs. Rue! I just had to say thank you so much for this one. While reading this I was listening to some of the music from Pride and Prejudice and all this really truly almost brought me to tears. I have been struggling for a long time thinking that what has happened to my horse has not been fair. Where I board her, there are a lot of people who never come out to see their horse, never ride them, never brush them, or anything. Their horse always stays perfectly fine and never goes lame. Now I am a lot different than those people when it comes to horse care. I am out there almost every day. I do self care so I manage what feed she gets, what amounts, and when. I brush her out every day and ride her every chance I get. Last summer, she got terribly lame. She couldn't even walk for a short while without limping. She had some soft tissue damage that we could do nothing for except give it time. She slowly got better, but I could still not ride her for the whole summer. When this winter came, she was much better and I could ride her more often, but the winter was so hard a most times it was too cold to ride! Now spring comes and about 2 weeks ago she was turned out for the second time and she did something. We think she hyper-extended some ligament but she had to stay inside again and I could not do anything with her but take her out of the stall and brush her. I got angry with whom I don't know and cried myself to sleep for a few days in a row. I thought why me? I was doing everything right and yet everything was going wrong. Thankfully she had a quick recovery- nothing major and now I rode her for the first time yesterday. I still think what happened was not fair but have come to accept it. In all of this I have become appreciative of the blessing God gave me- A HORSE! I have my own horse and while she may have struggles, I am so lucky!
Love you all,

I have thought that in the past. I guess we 'll never understand, although we also don't know other people and their circumstances like Jesus does. If Jesus judged "fairly," then he wouldn't have suffered because of our faults. Although it doesn't keep me from going on our rants like in the story. Thanks for the reminder!

This is great! I need to be reminded of this often. It seems that even if I try to be holy and whatnot, things don't always go the way I want them to. Because God is my creator, I need to remember that he is in charge of my situations and struggles. Fairness isn't up to me to judge! I need to be humble and just give it up to God.
Thank you for your words, Nancy.

Excellent post!
Love this: "So, no, I'm not promising you 'fair' as the world sees it." The 'as the world sees it' part really stuck with me.

I have been super busy and haven't been commenting for a while but I really Loved this post. Lately I have been feeling that my friend's lives are so much fairer then mine, But this post really struck something in me and reminded me Jesus never promised us fair and that life isn't really about fair! Great post! Love you girls!

I think I sometimes use the world's definitions, which ends up making me see God in a really funny way. I love what Jesus said at the end, and I have come to the place where what I have in him beats whatever anybody else seems to have by doing their own thing. I know that he has perfect justice and mercy so I don't worry about it.

If anything, I sometimes wonder why it is so hard. Why I feel constantly like it is "Me against the world" while trying to live my faith. How you can be really nice and show Jesus to people and they still want to stick you. That is when I get tired and say "Why? This whole change the world and love them is awesome and all, but we don't seem to ever get a break from battle! No matter how logical and nice I am people still hate what I stand for! " It is kind of painful to wait for heaven, when the battle will before and the world will be right. But if he is coming with me, then I can wait.

Of course I have to say how awesome this is! I honestly would be in a much different place had God not had me stumble into your books when I was younger and here. I met both in a very low place in my life. Thank you. thank you, thank you for hearing God's call and writing! I am grateful.


…Just had to get that out of my system ;) My family and I just got back from spring break - which we spent in Ireland (!!!!!!!!), and it was absolutely amazing. The most beautiful and restorative place I've ever been, and it was so nice to retreat from the world and just spend time together. I had a lot of catching up and preparations to do, school and packing-wise, hence my absence in the comments. But I've been reading all of the posts, and I'm still right here with all of you!

Also, I pretty much adore the format of this journey - like the narrative that puts us literally in the same room as Jesus. It has inspired a totally new mindset for me when I'm praying and reading my Bible, and I love it! Thank you a million times over, Mrs. Rue.

So yeah, I just wanted to check in and let you girls know I'm still alive;), I love you all, I'm praying for you, and I can't wait to continue this journey together.

Love and Blessings,

I'll be back to post more after class (I've got to think about my comments), but just wondering, does anyone know who won the contest for describing the wedding dress?

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