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I don't go to sunday school or youth group. I just sit in the adult service with my parents and I hate it! The sermon is boring, it's weird when strangers get all friendly, and I can't sing with all these random people! Especially not with my family! Do any of you do this or feel this way?

This was perfect. I have been wondering that about churches all week! We are a Protestant church, but we do absolutely NOTHING. No Ash Wednesday, no Maundy Thursday, no Advent, just nothing. Sometimes I wonder, if in having no rituals, we create them. I could slide in and slide out, and it is the same thing every week. I don't go to Youth group either, because everyone sits around and looks at their phone and listen to this pastor tell his life story of his "Glory Days" when he had a church. It took me a while, but now I sing and enjoy the adult service. It took some time though. When I was small (and up until very recently), I longed to be Catholic like my girlfriends, because I wanted to belong in church and have something familiar and set. My Pastor is awesome, and we truly are a very diverse church that loves people.

It's just inside that is hard. Trying to remind myself that what I do, what I promise and strive to do, does not save me. I think in this culture of "Churchianity" that is what happens. I realize I have internalized a lot of "Performance based salvation".

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