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That was a great post Mrs. Rue!!!
The part that stuck out to me was: "She knows I'm going to die, and she understands why. You have to grasp that too, my loves."
Even though Jesus kept saying he was going to die, I'm not quite sure I would've believed it. I probably wouldn't have grasped why.

I like the part where His face softens when He sees her. Isn't that encouraging?

I'm just loving this journey- it really makes me realise that this stiff actually did happen.

I was sitting reading this today: it suddenly struck me that it's Good Friday tomorrow.... which means Jesus dies tomorrow, as Mrs Rue said. I'm someone who follows the 'fight or flight' reaction (anyone else do this?), and at some points in this journey I would fighting and arguing, all in support of Jesus. But I'm also a very nervous and shaky person; at other points I would have hung back or left the building.
When Jesus tells us to try and grasp the fact that he will die, my 'fight' reaction would have kicked in. I would be up on my feet, banging the table, crying and screaming at Jesus, telling him to tell us why, trying to make him fight harder to live. I would have realised later that I was doing the complete office of what Jesus wants me to do: I would definitely not be grasping the idea of his death. (I also probably would have ruined dinner!!)

Have a blessed day and make the most of it!!!
xx, Tishi :)

Wow, I really enjoyed this post.
So, I was thinking about the perfume anointing of the poor woman, and it made me think about the poor today. I always see these big, extravagant churches who need new carpets every 3 years and it makes me furious. What about all the people who are are starving and dying? I honestly wonder what Jesus would say about the moneys e spend on the building vs. meeting then needs of the people He cares for...

Anyway, on a more introspective note...

This speaks to me in a unique way. I think of how sometimes I get so busy trying to be there for other people, that I leave out my time with Jesus. Yes, it's important to be supportive of friends and family, but there's a time where I can sense Jesus calling me, saying, "Come, anoint Me in your heart".

Ohh this is me. I have arguments in my head about guilt for "having". I want the grandeur of the old cathedrals but I see the practicality in those minimalist churches. But you know how those cathedrals were built with symbolism and each element had meaning? Maybe that is how some things (like the perfume) are to God.

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