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Sorry to hear about all the issues. At least it's sorted out and working now! I did get an error message that the page couldn't be found when I first tried to get on - but I just had to refresh the page and it was fine. I'll be looking forward to that post tomorrow. I've only read a few of the posts from the past several weeks but I loved the ones I read. I really liked the approach of putting us right there in the middle - definitely gave me a different perspective on the stories!

I LOVE the "we are there" approach and would like to continue with it. A "Spiritual Spa" sounds awesome. :)
I'm glad Typepad is working now. I too got an error message that the page was not found but I refreshed it and it was fine. ;)

Oh, thank goodness everything is working all right again! I was worried that something had happened to you Mrs. Rue, so I'm really glad to all be back together :)
And I love love love both of those ideas in red!

I tried to come here before and the page was weird. I'm so glad it's back! really like it when you put us in the story and I would LOVE a Spiritual Spa this summer!

I love the current method, and a spiritual spa sounds refreshing!

Ahahaha glad everything makes sense now! I'm with Rachel - I thought something had happened to you or I'd accidently blocked the page or something!!
The current method = awesome! And I love the Spititual Spa idea; it sounds soooo relaxing!


frustrating!!! agk the internet :l

random, but i had this dream of blog posts. you had dyed (really badly, heh heh) your hair this dusty purple color you called pink and you said your natural hair color was black and you had always dyed it blond. you were going to turn your blog into a really bizarre crocheting blog...
all i can say is i am glad that was a [really. weird.] dream!

glad you're back!!!
(ps im enrolling in my college classes tonight! crazy!)

Kate - Praying for you! Don't get too stressed thinking about your classes. I know I found the idea of college way more intimidating than the actual courses. :) Just spend your time wisely so you have lots of time to study!

Kate: I echo Sarah Elizabeth. I always freaked out the most as soon as the class started and I read the syllabus and course schedule. But, I always survived! What your mind comes up with is always much worse than what the actual class is like, just don't procrastinate too much :)

Go Kate! I will be praying for you.

Yes please keep the We Are There blogs!!!

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