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Hello Alisha! Wonderful post, it encouraged me very much!
Also, I was wondering if it was too late to add to both the bookshelf and playlist. I just wanted to add The Circle series by Ted Dekker (I actually may have already added this, but I wanted to be sure) this is such an amazing example of christianity and I felt so close to God when I read it!
Also I wanted to add Burn For You by Starfield, this is a great song that inspires me to suffer for Christ!

Alisha, I've just now reread your post (I skimmed over it earlier today) and one thing that got to me was at the very end, when you asked us what God says about us. I LITERALLY made a list, with one side full of ugly stuff I say about myself, and the other full of loving stuff God says about me. Thanks for reminding me.

This post is full of so much truth.... Wow. I love the pioneer women analogy- it is a journey, full of doubt, twists, and turns. Multiple paths spring up, but as long as we stay on the God-path, we're safe and sound in His loving embrace. I mean, He still loves us even when we're not totally immersed in Him, but we can rest assured and be filled with His peace and love. Like, instead of bobbing along in a boat on God's love, we're diving and swimming and relishing and even drowning in His love.

Love you ladies!! Never forget who you are in God!

Xoxo, amelia

Thank you so much Alisha!!! I reaaalllyy needed this today! Today was a difficult and challenging day, but I'm glad to end it with reading what you wrote to us! It's tough to figure out being a teen girl, and I always am afraid to fail. I'm always asking myself, "Am I doing this right?"
Thank you for reminding me that I'm not the one who needs to be doing all the figuring-out. God is.

A lot of times, stuff doesn't make sense, and we lose sight of who we are in God's eyes, and we're stressed, pressured, and can't figure things out. Thanks for reminding me of the things God says about me, because that REEALLYY brought peace into my heart.

I'm going to take those truths with me into the rest of this week, because it's kinda hard to be afraid to fail if you're thinking about God saying, "Nothing can separate you from my love."
Thanks again, Alisha! Btw you're gorgeous!!!


I loved your post Alisha! It was exactly what I needed to hear!
I have something that I wanted to share with all of you today because it so went along with what we have been talking about, and I found it encouraging.
So this morning I said something along the lines of "I fail at everything!" To my mom, and she said "No you don't, just remember Edison and the lightbulb." And that made me stop and think for a minute. I thought about two common quotes that I heard by Edison; "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb." And "many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
And this made me go "wow! Edison had the strength to get pasts his failures and not think negatively about himself, so that eventually he succeeded!" And then I thought "what if everyone could do this?" The world would be amazing! We would definitely not have as much of a negative world as we do today.
I just had to share that with you all because it encouraged me to keep thinking positive instead of negative thoughts.
Thanks for all of you being such an encouragement and example to me! Love you all as sisters in Christ!

Thank you so much for writing this, Alisha! I really needed it.

Alisha, this post was so beautiful! What really struck me was your ability to hold tight to and express the truth that you know, deep in your heart, even though you still felt like you were in a "season of failure" as you were writing it. It can be so easy for me to let my emotions or fleeting thoughts have more control over my actions than the deep beliefs that I know that I know that I know need to be my guiding principles. Thank you!!

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