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:( :( :( So Sad!! I'm gonna miss you guys :(

Did anyone else find that random bits of posts have disappeared? Or is it just my computer? For instance, the above post has no writing for me...

I'm already missing all of you ladies! Love you so much! <3

Ana- Here's what the post says:

"Hey, New Women.

Last night's blog party was such fun ... and sad as well.

If you weren't able to be part of it, you can still read all of the posts and comments, and even add some of your own.

I'll leave the In Real Life blog up for 30 days -- until the end of June. Please feel free to chat with each other, especially to find a way to stay connected if that's what you'd like to do.

Around July 1 we hope to have the best posts from the last 7 years archived on WordPress, where the tween blog is, so you can dip into it at any time.

It is very, very hard to type this last line ever, so let me just sign off as I always have ...


Nancy Rue"

Thank you Amelia! It has come back for me now. Silly Computer. :) :)

Hi there, my name is Alison and I'm new here.
I just arrived to this awesome website, and had previously subscribed to tween you and me, but had never figured out how to comment! I just found and subscribed to this one, and am super sad that it's almost all over!
Is there anyone else here??? I will also look at some of the blogs Nancy suggested.
Are you still here Nancy? If so, I wanted to thank you for all your insight, posts, and wisdom, you helped me grow closer to God! I had not been able to thank you before in the past couple years, but I finally figured out how to comment, Yay! Thanks you so much!!! God bless you!

Hi, there! I was not able to participate in the party (finals studying, blah) but I just wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation --- for Mrs. Rue, and for all you ladies.

I know I haven't been here very long, and it's been a few years since I was active on Tween You and Me, but this, as I'm sure you know, is a very lovely and special community.

I go to a public school and I can count on one hand the number of Christian friends I have. I am surrounded by a culture that runs really opposite to God's values, you know how it is, and I'm dealing with that precarious, tentative time in life of trying to form my own opinions and figure out what I believe (clarification: not believing in God, but my positions on other issues), some of which are very different from my parents'. It has been so encouraging, weird as it sounds, to know that there are other Christian girls out there. Girls who are dealing with 2016, thriving and laughing and believing in God through it all. Girls who sound a lot like me.

And on top of that, on top of this being a place to gather somewhere in the vast Interwebs, you're all really nice. Sounds cheesy, right? But you are. When I was a tween I'd occasionally poke through the comments section of In Real Life, in a mixture of respect & admiration & wow-thoughts at these oh-so-cool teens who were living through weird things like "finals" & "breakups". I was really impressed at the honesty the ladies shared with and their kindness. They were praying, and asking for prayer, and not pretending like everything was A-OK because they were seeking to follow a Christian path that was far deeper and more meaningful than that. It's something I admired then & something I admire now, because it's still going on. Strangers praying for strangers. Except you're not strangers now, are you?

Then there's Mrs. Rue. Mrs. Rue, I don't know if you know what a service you have done to the countless girls who have seen your blogs, stumbling across it once or following it closely for years or who are just haunted by your down-to-earth-ness and huge heart. You have helped SO MUCH in so many people's lives, guiding us along a really tricky & scary time of our lives. It's a ministry, and you've done that in the best of ways for years, pointing us straight to Jesus and helping us make sense of the whole Christian thing. :)

So thank you, thank you --- and I pray that we'll be able to keep growing, each of us, like little birds pushed from the nest, feeling like it's too soon but learning to fly. I pray that we will keep relying on God, keep trusting in Him, because if we trust Him then the path ahead of us is travelled with peace, rocky as it may be. I pray that we can go out into our boring, ordinary lives and seek God in that. I pray that we can remember and own all this great advice and discussion and teaching. I pray that we can grow stronger and bolder and more beautiful in our faith, that we may be a generation of Christian women whose lives burn oh so brightly for Him.

Welcome, Alison, by the way, and I hope you are able to grow through these great archives (which will be archives now! Sniff!)!

And since this is probably my last post, I'd like to ask for some prayer, for myself & my family. I've alluded to this previously, but my younger sister is mentally ill and it is kind of tearing my family apart. I am so angry and done, and sometimes I'm able to feel sympathy & empathy & magnanimity, but a lot of other times all I can feel is overwhelming anger and pain at all the hurt she has caused & how much she has changed from who she used to be. So any prayers at all would be so, so appreciated.

Thank you all! XOXO

God bless!!

Hi Mary,
Thanks for welcoming me! I will be praying for you, your sister and your family! What a beautiful post you wrote, it is very inspiring to me! Thank you for helping me feel not alone here! Amen to your prayer!
Hello to all the other girls out there too!
It would be nice to continue this online community of amazing girls devoted to Christ. Thank you Nancy for the blogs you suggested! I'm so sad it's ending, especially since I just got here, right after it ended! Will this website and archives always be around to look at? On this website I sort of feel like I'm walking through an abandoned house, with no one else there, but only belongings and memories... does anyone else feels this way? Nancy Rue, thank you so much for everything, you have poured out your heart for us! You have no idea how many you have touched, including me!
I am so truly grateful!
God bless you all!

Oh, and one more thing, Nancy, I really hope you get to read these comments! I am so thankful to you!
God bless,

I'm here too Alison. Sorry you couldn't be here before. :(
Mary, wow! Your comment really moved me - I'll be praying!

Love Ana

Hi Ana!
Thanks for welcoming me!
Love Alison

You're welcome. :)

So, the blog is still up? Will it stay up?(I hope so!)

I'm not sure if it will stay up... but it's still here, for now I guess.
I hope it stays up too! :)

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