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July 19, 2008


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I am VERY blessed with not just one or two BFFs but about fourteen BFFs! We all go to church together and we all love God with all of our hearts! We are all different and we all get along really well!


My BFF is my sister!! Her name is KK (I'm using nicknames for securit reasons) She is my sister!!! We play things together and we even share a room!


This is such a cool sight!



I think that Lucy wear pink is because she dosent like it!
maybe she thinks it is to bright or something...even if this isnt close,i still really would like to get 10 pounds of books!!
I have 2 best lives down the road from me,and the other one goes to my church....there arent that many girls at my church...anyhow,bye!


Reasons Lucy doesn't wear Pink:
1. Lucy isn't a girly-girl
2. It get's on her nerves how some girly-girls just are addicted to pink
3. Big frilly pink dresses and stuff like that aren't her style. God created her that way.
4. Why get all silly about boys and dress up when, you could be doing other stuff like playing soccer and flossing your teeth?
5. Who needs pink when your just messing up your cloths and getting them dirty while playing soccer, anyway?
6. Lucy doesn't care about how she looks, just how she lays soccer, and if she's having fun
7. Maybe she wants to go for the athletic style verse the stylish and preppy style
8. Maybe, she just doesn't know!
9. Perhaps she doesn't like a girly girl in her class, so every thing that the a girly girl would wear, she doesn't.
10. Lucy could have a rebellous side, who wants to make a point she isn't a girly girl and doesn't care how she looks!


I have 12 BFFs. Something I don't like is that none of them are my age.

Book Worm :)

Caitlin, not all your friends have to be your age, but I understand how you feel :)


Congratulations on such a successful marriage! I am so blessed to have a wonderful best friend. We have been BFF's since we were in Pre-k. She recently moved to Tampa :( But somehow, we make it all work.

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