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July 25, 2008


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On the off chance that I could have a tail, even for a little while, I would require that it be fully prehensile, like the spider monkey. It would be pretty sweet to have an extra limb like that, an extra arm to grab something from the counter behind you when you're cooking, or an extra foot to kick with in soccer. Or, like the spider monkey, to just chill out in the trees, dangling from your tail, eating a mango. :)

Kay Day

If I had a tail it would be very thick and fluffy and gorgeously soft. I could snuggle it at night, pet it when I was sad and tickle my kids with it. It would also be very long, so I didn't have to chase it to reach it.


If I had a tail I would wag it ALL THE TIME!


I'd want it to be REALLY long! I would play jumprope with it! I'd love it! I would also want it to be able to pick stuff up! I could paint my finger AND toenails at the SAME TIME!!! How cool would that be???
God Bless,
Brittany :)


If I had a tail, it would be soft, fluffy, shine, and white. I would put lots of bows and... GLITTER on it! :) I always wonder, what if I could travel back in time. What if I could see what I can do to change bad things that may be in someones future.

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