June 04, 2010


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First! I have to think about this for a while. Congrats everyone who won. But I'm a little confused....


2nd! What a fun contest! Thanks Mrs. Rue! Congrats to all winnerss!

Love, Abbie =D x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x


Yay! 3rd! congratulations to all the winners!!!


4th! Congrats everyone!! : )


4th! congratz to all the winners!




Everyone who didn't make it: Don't feel bad! It was probably very hard for Mrs. Rue to pick the winners between some great lists! (Including yours!)
I'm a little confused though. Are the winners all going to get a copy of the new devotion book?


dint feel bad if ya diddnt make it!
kirsten xo



well done to , Caitlin, Aly, Alisha, Miriam, Nichole, Brittany, Morgan, Kirsten (me!) Abbie, Ireland, Sarah, Talia, Lexy, Hannah, Amy and ORH!

Dont feel bad if you diddnt win :):):)

Its the taking part that counts!

Kirsten x


ORH - i think so!

like when it comes out in a month


Congrats to all! (Yeah, even those who didn't win the contest!)

My biggest problem with honoring my parents is that when they annoy me, I snap at them, and then they act so hurt. I don't even mean to do it, but sometimes it feels like the only way they'll get off my case! Same problem with my sister, too, but I think that's sorta normal. And we usually get along just fine.

I have a prayer request: Could you please pray for my friend who is having a hard time with grades and her parents? Thanks a lot to all of you.


ORH miss rue said the winners got the devotional book, so you probably will.

My problem with my parents is chores. Whenever they need someone to unload the dish washer I just "happen" to be chosen it seems like.

I'll be praying Veronica!!


Has anyone ever heard of miss rue's other book series? It's older and not faithgirls books but they're really good.It's called the christian heritage series. You girls should check it out.

Mary Catherine

My biggest problem with parents is when they just don't seem to understand you no matter how hard you try - and you just want to sit down and explain your entire brain to them. But what sounds like a good explanation in your head comes out all weird and only makes them think that you can't support your case.... Make sense?
So anyway I get mad at my parents over that sometimes...
--Love M.Cat

Mary Catherine

Oh yeah and Ashley I am so with you on the chores comment. Actually, dishes are my "assigned" job, but other things like cleaning my little sister's room (when she's perfectly capable of doing it herself) or fixing one of my younger sibling's hair before church when it's five minutes until church and I haven't even done my own yet. And I'm like "Seriously? I have four other siblings! Can't someone else do it????"
I don't really blurt stuff out like that, but I just am kind of fuming inside when I am told to do stuff like that - and I'm in the middle of something important that my parents don't seem to care about. :)
--Love M.Cat


It can be really hard for me to honor my mom and dad when they tend to 'remind' me ten billion times to do something I was about to do! Like, once I was being really careful not to brush my sister's back when I walked by her, and they were telling me to be careful not hit her.



Ashley, I love the Christian Heritage Series. I totally recommend it, especially for those of us who love history!

Annabelle (Guest)

Congrats to everyone!

Frog girl

I love the christian heritage series and the problem i have with my parents is when my little brother gets all annoying and prideful and they say everytime that happens to tell them but when i tell them i always get in trouble.
And when he's doing something really rude that I would get in trouble with usually they let him go and say, "AWW ITS OKAY. I WILL FORGIVE YOU BECAUSE YOUR SO CUTE."
its driving me crazy!!! and when i tell them this they snap at me and say, "we know what to do!"



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