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March 05, 2012


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First! School cancellation! HAve fun on your trip, Mrs. Rue! I'll do some research, and i will get back with ya'!



One major example of bulllying in the bible is JESUS!! people ridiculed Him, mocked him, and spit on him. They even crucufied him! (of course that didnt stop him.) the address for this acount is several places one of which is John 14-19. the thing is when we are bullied we need to act as Jesus did. turn the other cheek, and continue being kind to them. forgive them. One of Jesus' own last words were forgiving his killers. (John 23:34) i understand how much bullieing hurts, but you cant give them a reaction. thats what they want. also dont let themsee that they have hert you. that will just make them do it more. hope it helps everyone.

God's Girl/Abi

Joseph (coat of many colors) was bullied by his brothers, just because his father gave him a pretty coat. His father did favor him a wee bit more than his other brothers but still.... They were hating him so much that they sold poor Joseph to be an Egyptian slave. Now that is bullying. Genesis 37 is where this story is found. No exact verse. TTFN (ta ta for now)


Oh my word Mrs. Rue I live in Lancaster PA!! I'll do some studying!!


Mrs. Rue i wish you were coming to Harrisburg PA because i live near there!!! i'm trying to find a story about bullying in the Bible and so far i haven't gotten very far but i'm working on it!!!

Amelai *nope, not right* Amelia *right! :P*

King Saul- He tracked David down, even though he didn't do anything to Saul!

What's really amazing about it is that when David had the chance, he didn't kill Saul! That's what we should do- love our enemies!
Chapters 19-26! Yeah- Saul was chasing David for SEVEN CHAPTERS!!!

Our BIGGEST bully is Satan! He will push us around, making it SEEM like it's the best way *to us* but actually lead to destruction. But if we put our trust in God, then we can live out the song, "I'm trading my sorrows". A couple of verses include the following:
"I'm persecuted, not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. And His joy's gonna be my strength. Though the sorrow may last for the night, joy comes with the morning!" Isn't that so cool?

LYMW! *luv u mini-woman!*
Amleia *nope, not right* Amelai *not right.* Amelai*AGAIN?* Amelia *there we go!
I got an A+ on my math test! *no, not because I studied, I just payed attention! And I had the prospect of ice cream at hand....*


hey can u please pra for my friends dad? he hurt his back. i was supoed to ask u this yesterday but forgot. sorry lol thanks everyone!


The story of Adam and Eve (around Gen. 2-3). Adam was a jerk to blame his sin on Eve, especially because it wasn't her fault.

Please pray for a friend of mine in the show I'm doing now, on the way to yesterday's performance she found out that her husband (who is in the military) has to go to Afghanistan for a year. :(((

May Warry (click on my name to go to my blog for girls like you that you will love!)

I've got one:
Hannah's wife bullying her (1 Samuel)

Grace Heather

GOOD JOB Amelia! The Tax collectors were kinda' bullies. I mean, they tried to bully around Jesus, but he just headed 'em off! Amelia: I listened to the Trading My Sorrows on YouTube! It was great! I had never heard it until today!
LYGOG! (Love you girls of God!) :-) <3


Ok I think someone might of already said this but here we go:
Joseph had some pretty mean brothers the were really jealous of Joseph and that there father liked him best so they planed to put him down a well !! But on the way they decided to sell him to some men going to Egypt any way the story goes on and on but the point is that the brothers were so mean the bullied and tryed to ruin his life the we're soooo mean

Jujubear ♥

Saul (The apostle Paul) used to bully the Christians.
Acts 8:3

Prayer Request:
This spring break, while many teenagers will be on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites, texting or watching TV. I have decided to go with my youth group at my Church to a mission trip to Mexico. I am so excited!! Please pray that we will have a safe trip there. Also pray that no one will get sick. That would be a bummer! And pray that we will be able to lead many people to Jesus. The website below, will be posting what we are doing there in Mexico. If you want to read it, just save the website. I think they are going to start posting things on Sunday... (A day after we leave...) Website for Mexico Mission Trip Blog: http://www.six78ministry.com/#/mexico-blog/4561393437

Thank for your prayers!


well every body said what i was going to say lol! :)


I looked it up last night but everybody sorta already said my answers...oh well. So, first, Joseph! His brothers were so cruel to hate him and throw him into that pit thingy and sell him as a slave! But yet it still all worked out for good. =) Second is Steven, Saul had him STONED!!! And then....um, not sure if this is considered bullying it's more, um, uhhhhhh....well it's Tamar (Absolom's [david's son]'s sister) who was sorta-ish "bullied" by Amnon (Amnon was Absolom's brother)...not exactly bullied though...more like, just plain harassment and assault and...well anyways, but maybe at the end it is bullying sorta-ish when he told her to get out cuz it says that then he hated her with like a super strong hatred more than he first ever loved her. what he did to her was just.... cruel! reminds me of stuff that goes on today. this world is so...so.... ahh well anyways then I think its BECAUSE of that thing with Tamar that the bullying between the siblings sorta started like for example David refused to see his son absolom face to face for 3 years and things like that and didn't disapline amnon cuz he was the first born and then absolom KILLED amnon which is sereiously extreme bullying! and then it gets sorta-ish complicated but then anyways so next person I saw in the bible who got bullied was..... JESUS! First by HEROD and then the pharasees seriously bullied him!!! To the point of plotting his death! They were just heinous! And then another person who was bullied was David by Saul. So my list of poeple in the bible who were bullied are David, David's children, Stephen, Joseph, and Jesus. Oh and one more!!! Samuel's mom hannah sort of I think because it says like she was like so desperate to have a baby or something that she talked and no words came out or something and so the priest or whoever was standing there thought she was crazy and drunk so would that be the priest sorta-ish kinda-ish almost-ish bullying Hannah? sorta? maybe? idk:P guess not:P so yeah that's all cuz i gtg:)
~sum1 :-o ;)


Everybody toke mine too!! lol!!!


Sophie- Are u new? If so, welcome!
Grace Heather- Thank you for the compliment! And you're welcome!
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oh oops I just read only one per comment!!!!!!! my bad! okay ignore my superly long take-consuming random post thingy up there^ saying a whole bunch of names!! :-o my bad.

Grace Heather

I just thought of another one!! Its reference is 1st Samuel 1:1-16! Its about Hannah and how she was bullied by her husbands other wife. Hope it helps!

Squirrelgirl 777

I think that the Pharisees were bullies to Jesus. They tracked him down, plotted to KILL him, now THAT'S mean. There are a lot of times so I cant give the references. Sorry! Got to Go,
~Squirrelgirl 777/ Nicole


2 Samuel 11:1-27 In this story, David bullies Uriah BIG TIME. David is this big, important, giant-slaying king and most women would love to marry him. But OF COURSE he falls in love with a women whose already married. Instead of just dealing and getting over it, he decides he HAS to have her. So he sends her husband to the war, the front lines, and Uriah ends up killed. David has a child with Bathsheba, but the baby dies a week later. How HEINOUS is that?

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