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February 18, 2013


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1.maybe blue.
4.something simple but nice.
5.like all the questions i have about life.
6.he is not a myth, he is true.
7.like i said at the blog party sure.

i'm going to get my toolkit ready tomorrow.

Jesus Freak

Yay I have not been here in a while quite sorry been SOOOO busy!!! >:( Any way

a. I always think Red becuz he died on the cross.
b. Like Vanilla cuz I luv that smell or flowers
d. IDK but like Casey said something simple but nice not to over done.
e. All about my future!
f. He's SOOOO real!!
g. Ya I guess...

Prayer request: I was just a co-op and a pole feel on a kids head. and it was bleeding like A LOT and he went to the hostpital just pray that nothing is bad and for his family. :(



a. In your mind, what color best represents God?Yellow, white, and red...I can't choose one!

b. If God had a smell, what would it be? Frankincense and Myrrh.( if one of those is not a perfume, tell me!lol)

c. What does it FEEL like to be close to God?I get a great feeling in the [it of my stomach, and I can't hel[p smiling!

d. If you were going to invite God for lunch, what would you serve?I always imagened ( when I was little) giving Angle food cake, and, if you can believe it, orange juice...;P

e. What one question would you ask him over lunch?If you know every thing, then you know when someone will have a miscarriage. Why do you allow that Lady to become pregnant if she is going to have a miscarriage???

f. What is one thing you are absolutely sure is true about God?That He is all powerful, and that He loves.

g. Do you think God cares about your toenails? Well, if He knows the hairs on my head, then, Yeah, He definitely does..


a. purple because thats like a "royal" color. or maybe the rainbow to represent he made all colors!
b.if God had a smell i think it would be like a-grandpa-bear-hug-smell. i don't know but it seems like grandpa's have their own smell when they give you hugs so if God had that it would be cool.
c. it feels safe. at least for me
d.probably like a salad or something? :p something natural that he made not mcdonalds or anything like that!!! and for dessert i think annarachel's angel cake would be good!
e. just a question about heaven probably!
f. that he loves everyone and everything (well except sin)
g.well he cares about how much hair we have so yeah i think he cares about our toenails!! :) i almost have my toolkit ready.can't wait for the series!!


That is a good answer Annabelle. That is the question my friend asked me. Her mom had just been through one.


aww thats so sad! i'll be praying for her. and i agree with that answer too. it was just part of his plan.but the baby is in heaven now :)


1. Blue
2. A Candle
4. Tea and Sandwiches
5. When animals talk to each other is it normal talking like it is in movies?
6. He cares for me
7. yes


I will put everything in my toolkit except the That is SO me book because I didn't get mine.


Hi, Everyone! I know I haven't commented in a while, but I've been BUSY (school, anyone?).

I have a quick prayer request before I answer the questions. I've been having some issues with my parents... If you could just shoot a little message up to God asking that He could help me with deal with them and vise versa... That'd be great. Thank you!

Alright. For the questions...

B.Vanilla Cocoa Butter
C.As if your standing in an open field of nothing but soft grass and pretty flowers underneath an open, blue sky with wispy clouds floating by as a gentle breeze sends the sun's rays upon your open arms
E.What does my future look like?
F.He loves... Oh, how He loves.
G.Yes :)

Emma ♦♣☺♠☻♥◄☼►1♦♪♫



I think a color that represents God is that sort of pale, pinky-white-blue that you see at sunset sometimes... whenever I see that, through the trees, I just have this amazing sense of "Wow. Look at how amazing God is."

If God had a smell, I think it might be some sort of spice or perfume, like AnnaRachael said. In the Old Testament times, wasn't there even this special perfume that could only be used in the temple? I think of something like that...

Whenever I've had an amazing time reading the Bible and praying and I just get this sense of GOD IS SO HERE! then I get this wonderful feeling inside that I just can't contain and I actually dance around my room/the hall and sing, just for God.

If I were going to invite God for lunch, I would serve some berries I would pick (if it were summer) or some chocolate chip cookies I'd made, something that I had put time into. I'd go for the berries for my first choice because God grew them, and I picked them, so it was a joint effort! :)

One question I'd ask Him over lunch is (this sort of goes with what AnnaRachael was saying), what about those people who die as infants? They have their whole lives ahead of them! And the Bible says that we inherit Adam's sin, that we're born in sin. But all those babies didn't have a chance to repent or turn to God! So... I guess we'll have to wait for heaven to find out...

I am absolutely sure that God is the one, true, all-powerful God of the universe! And that He loves me! ♥

I think God definitely cares about our toenails! They're a part of us, aren't they, and God cares for EVERYTHING about us.

Praying for your friend & her mom, AnnaRachael! Please pray for me; I have a mild cold so I'm sort of miserable and I'm having my friend over for a sleepover tomorrow that we've planned for weeks...

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