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February 19, 2013


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there are 2 girls and 1 boy so it's kinda like "2 sisters, 1 hot guy."


Yeah, either that,, or because it was just president's day( from the flags? maybe????)Um, I do't know what I would be jealous of . Maybe my older sisters freedom. As in, she can hide in her room all day and text, and do all she really wants. I know that she is ,like, 19, but I am still jealous about it...

Emma ♦♣☺♠☻♥◄☼►1♦♪♫


Jesus Freak

I agree with Casey Leah and Rachel and then Jacob. I sometimes feel jealous cuz all of my friends have Ipods and I don't. So they talk about stuff that I don't even know about. Or sometimes I get jealous cuz my dad helps my brothers out with their sports A LOT and when ever I ask him if he'll practice with me he's either to busy or he promised one of my brothers he'd practice with them. So ya.

@Emma how do you do all that cool stuff like a music note, sun, smiley face etc?

Praise: The boy that got hurt at my co op is O.K just a little concussion. So thank Jesus!!




i'm happy the boy is okay! what i'm jealous of is probably this girl at school who is mean yet she has a lot of friends and I don't really get how...
as always praying for ya'll!


Hey, girls. I haven't been on for a while for many smelly reasons. To keep it short, a rodent decided to sleep, eat, and die in our garage. Now it stinks. Then when we were cleaning, two smelly things spilled. Then, when I was HELPING look for the mouse, I let a petrol gas tank leak in our garage. That stuff is poisonous. I've had a cough ever since.

Plus, my stomach has been acting strange.

And my mom's BFF from 10 grade came down.

Anyways, I get Jealous over little silly things. But usually, I'm not jealous. It just doesn't occur to me that my BFF has lied to me and used it to get another friend. Usually the only reoccurring jealousy is when I covet/lust after stuff I know I can't have. And, lately, I've been really bad about it. I've had the filling of apple pie (which the crust has stuff I can't have) and other stuff. I'm just very confused right now, but through it all, my God shines through.

Oh and another thing is that I'm stressed and mom's been snapping at everyone for some reason.... IDK WHY!!!! and dad's working extra hard and long hours for a decent pay.

I'm sorry for posting all that, but I needed to get it out. Thank y'all for the patience!
ILYGMSIC! (I luv u gals my Sisters In Christ!)

Jesus Freak

Wow Amelia! Seams like there's a lot going on in your life! I'm having the same problems with my mom one minute we're cracking up laughing then the next minute she's hard to talk to. :(



Emma ♦♣☺♠☻♥◄☼►1♦♪♫

praying for everyone! Post more later gtg ! Bye


Dear Mrs. Rue... are those both your siblings? Or is the man your nephew/son? And thank you so much for making it easy for me. Instead of THAT IS SO ME I read LUCY OUT OF BOUNDS, the part where Lucy and Mora get introduced to Rachel and Leah. I love that series...
Well, I think that I'm proud in the way of languages and I think I'm better than others - and I want that to STOP so bad!
PRAISE: I think that maybe there's a REAL Christian girl in my class!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I just read this post, and I was thinking the same thing as Casey :)
I sometimes feel jealous of my brothers' time. Like when my parents go out to dinner, they tell us to watch my sister, but I end up the only one watching her-- which I don't mind at ALL, but sometimes if she's being a stinker, you need more that one person.

Pray that I won't do that please :)

Praying for everyone else!


And praying for you, Beth!


Praying for you all!! :)

In ponder this, I discovered that I feel that everything, lately, seems to depend on my mood. Some days, I'll be the 'prettier' of the bunch and everything seems to go right with the way I interact with guys. Other days, I feel ugly, gross, disgusting, etc., and I don't interact, hangout, and communicate with my peers, especially guys, very well. But, if I had to choose one, I'd say that I feel pretty darn ugly a lot of the time. I'd like to change that- not so that I can feel superior, but so that I can feel confident when I walk into a room full of staring people or start talking with a guy.

Emma ♦♣☺♠☻♥◄☼►1♦♪♫

Praying plese prayi get to see my friend today! thanks

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