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February 26, 2013


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great post Mrs. Rue!!!!! glad you are feeling better!!! i would share but........


I love the post Ms. Rue. The person I have always felt like is Jacob. There has been times when I work really hard for something and then I don't get it. So i think I know how he felt.


WELCOMe, Chantey and Maranda! Y'all will SO love it here!
Praying, all!
I feel like Rachel- I'm the most noticed one in the family *and the following isn't saying I am, just some qualities that people say I have* and the prettiest and talented-est; etc. So, that kinda bounces off the test in THAT IS SO ME!... and I wish I wasn't the favorite. I mean, my parents say, "No, you aren't the favorite. We love each of you the same." but it still feels as if people favor me better than EBNO and EBNT. (eldest bro number one and EBN two)

Please pray for this really sweet lady who has cancer at our Church. Okay, love you, and I'll ttyl!

emma ;) xoxo

Praying! Welcome everyone!; D thank you everyone for praying!.


Praying! Also please pray for my grandma; her leg has been hurting her. Welcome, Chantey and Marannda! Great to have you here. :)

Now, for the post... I sort of have a mix of all three of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob in me.

I'm pretty easy-going; I try to make everyone happy. That has some good parts (people usually feel really comfortable around me, I don't really have any enemies, and some friendships have developed from that that being-comfortable-around me), but it also has some bad parts (when someone takes something the wrong way or gets offended I beat myself up - figuratively! - about it and feel absolutely horrible, even if it's really more of their problem)...

So, like Jacob, I work really hard. For school, mostly, and it shows in my grades, but also at extracurricular stuff (can anybody say track?). What really riles me up is when in school, I am not challenged at all and a class is just sooo boring, and when I try to do something about it, people jump on me for it. Hello? Shouldn't every kid have an equal opportunity to learn and be challenged?

And I'm sort of like Leah and Rachel, too, because - not trying to brag here - but to just look at my life, it's pretty perfect. Good grades, good family, etc. Then you get down to the nitty-gritty, and it's pretty hard being me. But I sometimes feel like since I set such a good example, my younger sisters have a really hard time of it, always trying to live up to me and have that pressure. But can I do anything about that...? I don't know.

And I feel I'm also like Leah, in a way. I've made a LOT of new friends-who-used-to-be-aquaintances (see first paragraph) this year, and that's partially amazing and partially complicates my life a whole lot more. And sometimes when a friend just leaves to go talk to/sit with a different, closer friend, and you're left there all alone, it hurts. Even if they didn't mean anything by it.

Wow... just looked that over. Looong post... ;)

Jesus Freak

Yay I'm sooooo glad ur feeling better Mrs. Rue!!

Welcome Chantey and Marannda!!!!

I'm like Rachel, Leah, and Jacob like Mary said.

I'm like Rachel becuz: I'm pretty popular at my Co-op. And I've known some boys who have had crushes on me (Ickety ick!!!)

I'm like Leah becuz: Sometimes I feel like my grandparents like my other siblings more then me.

I'm like Jacob becuz: I work really hard for things. Like I babysit to earn money to buy things for the Child that I sponsor.

So ya I'm kinda a mixture.

again I'm Sooooo happy ur better Mrs. Rue!!!

I'll be praying for everyone including Miss Crystal!!!




Welcome Chantey and Mirannda!I'm probably most like Jacob in this story. Like I work really hard for something and then I feel like I don't get enough regenition for it. I don't have to be congradulated all the time but it'ld be nice to be paid back for something (like helping with my sis all the time) once in a while... I have a prayer request for my neighbor and their family. They are all moving to Alaska (wich isn't very close to where I live) but two at a time. So just pray that everything goes well with the move. As always praying for ya'll!


Oh and the one I checked off was for
* Parents make decisions that make you want to scream
* People flock around the girls who seem "perfect".

I can't wait for the books to come out mrs.rue! I'll be praying for u and mrs.crystal to get better.


I think I'm most like Jacob. I work a lot at home and I feel like I don't get - uh, what's the word? - recognized. I don't get rewarded, and my sister who works less than I do does.

Thanks for all the welcomes(:

I have a prayer request! My friend, Aly, her sister was in a car crash and lost a lot of blood and broke her leg. I told her I'd pray for her, and maybe you want to help me pray?

So happy you feel better Miss Nancy!!! And I'm SO excited for the books :D


Welcome Chantey! You're going to love it here :)

I'm probably like Rachel. (not trying to be proud here) But everyone says "you're so beautiful," and all that stuff. Sometimes I don't like getting all the attention-- if you know what I mean.


I'll be praying for Miss.Crystal, and Aly's sister.
And anyone else's prayer requests :)


I am back with a new e-mail, Ms. Rue, pls I sent you an e-mail, check it out, PRAY FOR ME have been feeling weak.


Welcome Chantey and Mirannda! Such pretty names... all of you girls have pretty names. I will pray for you girls and Crystal! My sister is now better... thank you for your prayers! Could you please pray for my dad and I as we both have colds.

Your Friend,

Jesus Freak

I have an awesome praise: MY MOM IS FREE OF CANCER!!!!!!
Sorry I'm just soooooo excited!!!!!




engilish faithgirl AKA Nikita

THATS GREAT JESUS FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

engilish faithgirl AKA Nikita

the 2nd the 3rd and the forth


that's so awesome Beth!! God is good!!


That is awesome Beth! I have a prayer request. My mom decided to start a group for young girls my age! The group is meant to encourage and help girls grow in there faith. We had the first meeting on Monday and I think it went really good! Please pray that the girls were encouraged and that they will come next month to our next meeting. Thanks!

Emma ♦♣☺♠☻♥◄☼►1♦♪♫

Oh my gosh! Beth that is soooo awesome! God, thank you for leting beths mm be better! please please keep her heathy !please heal alys sister and help them! Andfor anyone i am missing! Thank you! I love you! Love Emma


_check Your brother or sister gets more attention, or gets away with more, than you do.

um, not really... A parent makes decisions that make YOU want to scream

___no, I am home schooled!oh,yeah!BABY!__ A teacher treats some students better than others

_____ no, read reason on the aboveEverybody flocks to the girls who are "perfect." You have nice qualities too, but few people seem to notice

_____yeah. Some girls just seem, well, luckier than you are


Beth, that's FANTASTIC!!!!
And welcome Chantey and Maranda! :D
I think I'm more of a Leah - person than anybody else. We have only 9 girls in our class (small, right...) and the odd number makes stuff tricky. I don't think 9 chairs at a table is very usual, and so these are my Leah - moments:
- Everybody dashes to the table in a lesson (with eight chairs) really quickly so I'm left standing and all the girls are sitting down. Without me. Even though the teacher switched us, the feeling remained.
- In the cafeteria, another girl takes my place. So I pull a chair up.
I guess I know I'm a misfit... a Christian bookworm/writer... but...
Sorry, a lot of feeling - sorry - for - myself over there. And that shouldn't happen because it's a new day over here in Europe and LOTS OF THINGS LIE AHEAD...
Also, please pray for this: I'm really, really physched because tomorrow I'm starting a Faithgirl! club with my Christian friends at Church! Thank you so much for the idea, Mrs. Rue, on the website www.faithgirlz.com. Please pray that it goes well.
Another thing... how often will this series be posted?

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