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March 26, 2014


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*Mrs. Nancy: Kool post!!! :D

*I'd say, "But my friends would think I'm a 'goody-goody' if I say, 'Let's pray about this!'"

*I'd b thinking: "This is 2 hard."

*I'd explain who we are 2 Lianna.

Holly :)

Emma Adeline

- I'd say, " But my friends will think I'm a goody-goody if I say, let's pray about this.
- I'd explain what Talking to God journals are.
~ Emma Adeline


I would be the one one thinking ' this sounds to hard.'

Holly and Emma Adeline, what IS a talking to God journal?


Ms Nancy: Nice post!!!
Lianna: A Talking To God Journal is a journal where we, instead of talk, we write our stuff to God. Anyone agree?

Anyway, my friends would probably think I'm goody goody on top of me being 'churchy'. I don't want to push our friendship. I would also think it would be too hard. In my eyes, it's a MASSIVE step forward, but I'm willing to try pray with them, after all they are Christain like me, just don't go to church like me. I would also laugh, I'm SOOOOOOO not the most patient person on the planet. I get grumpy when my mums late to pick me up.

I would absolutely LOVE if my friends decided to pray with me. I would probably fall over in shock. It would be AWESOME!!!

It's REALLY tough talking to my mum about 'girly' stuff. I get myself worked up and then get broken when my mum says NO!

I would tell everyone who hurt my feelings what I felt like, not in a bossy way, and I wouldn't care and fall into pieces if my mum said no.

Prayers for everyone, Anna!!!

P.S: Wish you guys were here! Your better then my friends at school!


You guys are probebly better than my friends at school to. I dont even know half of you in person but it feels like I can tell you anything! I would probably say my friends would think I am all goody goody if I said" lets pray about this"
love ya all!!!!!!!


my friends wouldn't TOTALLY NOT think i'm a goody-goody! i have good friends. I don't want to sound all goody-goody but my friends would LOVE to pray with me (i think.)! and i usually respect my moms decision about stuff like make-up and fake-nails.
Sierra. <3


Please please please pray for me. My dog is on his way to be put down. I hate the stupid bone cancer! I wish it would go away!


I am so sorry about your for your dog Madie. Il pray for you.
Love ya all


Praying for you Madie!


Ill pray for you madie!
-lianna <3


Oh and thanks for explaining Anna.
does a talking to God journal have to be something special or just any kind of notebook?


*Lianna: Ya, a prayer journal can be ANYTHING...any journal, diary, notebook, notepad, ANYTHING! :) It can even b on ur computer! :)
*Anna: Ya, I agree w/th wut u told Lianna a prayer journal wuz! :)
*Madie: I'll pray 4 u & ur dog & ur fam & friends & every1 who's being affected!

Every1: U r all such gr8 BFFLs (Best Friends For Life) & I think it's gr8 that we can all b there for each other & it's awesome that we can all relate 2 each other & trust each other w/th secrets even tho we've all never met! I feel SO comfortable & welcome w/th all of u...if that makes since! :DS

Holly :)


I'm sure if I saw any of u n a random place & I heard some1 say ur name I'd know for sure it wuz u b/c we all r such good friends that we know each other! :D I think that's SO awesome...& I mean that as an epic thing...not a creepy thing!!!! :)

Holly :)


Hi I'm Belle & I'm Holly's sister. I'm new here.


Belle: Hey Belle! WELCOME!!! Luv your name! It's pretty!!! I love new friends! :)
Holly: you should be VERY proud.

I wish I had a sister... I have a bro instead.


Holly I totally agree with you about being able to trust everyone with my secrets. Everyone is so...kind here.

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