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March 21, 2014


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i would be the one to be getting restless. i would chose a hammock. i have always wanted one of those! i would say "WHAT?" out loud. i would say "does it mean get rid of anything that get in the way of you and God?" as for the list of things that get in the way: 1. i have friends like that (one is my ex-friend.). you have to tell them to stop or even end the friendship:( 2.stop watching it right away! 3. my sister plays games to much. i normally read. you should spend more time outdoors or doing something healthier. 4. i do that a lot. just stop and think. "do i really need that?" 5.tell a parent (or do it yourself) to tell the principle or person in charge. you should enjoy it not suffer. 6. God made you perfect. real friends should like you for the way you are, not the way you look. wish me luck! i have my last bball game of the season tomorrow!
Sierra. <3


I really need to let go of my attitude. Every time I get mad at my parents (especially my mom) I put a hand on my hip, or cross my arms, roll my eyes or say something like "Ya THINK?!" I sound like such a brat! I hate it but I can't seem to stop! It's like, if I do what she says, she wins. I've always been really independent, so I hate doing something someone tells me to do. Also, I don't really like to show my feelings, so even if tears are pouring down my face (crying is so annoying!) I yell at her and slam a door in her face! I've tried praying to God but I don't even know if I'm really a christian anymore! I don't even know where it all came from! It's been getting worse these last few years. I guess it's just because I have more problems with my parents now. And it all kind of stays inside, because after a fight with my mom, I just go lie on my bed and sob.


I would choose a hammock, I'm one of those girls who like to relax by living down and reading. I would also exclaim "WHAT!" even though I'm a shy person, cause sometimes I just say things, meant just for me, out loud.
Also, I have a friend who talks about, not so pretty stuff, but apart from that, she's nice, funny etc.
Anyway, I just went shopping, and I think I bought a bit too much things. I'm feeling really guilty!
I've had soooo many not-so-nice teachers, but I just have to go to my 'special shoe-box' and talk it through (in my head) and have a MAJOR reality check, because I know, a least I think so, that God wants me to do the best I can do!
I also have major talks with myself about how 'thin' I am, if I'm too boney and blah blah blah (you know).
I would share my thoughts, because sooner or later, I ALWAYS tell someone, whether it's my cousin, my aunts, my friends...
I'd have a hard time chopping, pulling and throwing it away because it's REALLY hard for me!
I would be a person who DOSEN'T want to do it, even though I know it's the right thing!

Hope you guys are all okay!
Thanks Ms Nancy, your talented!!! :)

Prayers for everyone, Anna!

P.S: I just can't keep a journal, anyone have tips???


I would totally be the one who shouts WHAT!!! I would choose a hammock I just love chilling in the sun.
I have this friend and when she gets cross she would say some bad stuff.
PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! I would be the same as Anna. I have a hard time chopping, pulling and throwing away!
thanks Nancy you always do great posts
P.S.praying for ya all !!


I'd choose a hammock! :) I'd ask, "Does it mean 2 get rid of anything that gets btwn me & God?"
My thing I need 2 chop off is a certain friendship I have...BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW & IT WOULD B SOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!

Holly :)


I would be the one that gets restless, I would pick the hammock and say WHAT out loud. I think I would say "something that gets between you and God". I don't normally hear my friends having language, and when I watch TV, I don't really see any kids with attitude. I don't play video games much but I do play on the computer a lot and I'm pretty sure that counts. I'm not really into commercials, only when I want to get a snack. I just want them to end so I can continue with my show. My drama coaches never put any of us down but they are full of surprises. I like healthy hair but I don't really care what color it is, it is dark blonde or light brown. Although I do stress about zits, their a pain even though I know they go away. I would need to chop off a little attitude because I can get a little sarcastic at times. For me it is tough to do this chopping off thing. Rebekah: I suggest going and having a chat with your mom and dad about how you feel. You can pray and read the bible. Rachel: I'm sorry for your friend and I will pray for her. Anna: If you cant keep a journal then make a document on the computer called; Talking To God or something similar. Your parents can help you with that. Sierra: How was your BBall game did you win? Hey I just realized I have friends with your names, Holly, Rachel Anna, Sierra, I even know a Rebekah how funny is that? Sorry about the long post I just have a lot to share!
Love you and praying for you
Alyssa =)


Rebekah: I'm like that to! I don't want to talk like that but it just comes out that way! I'm praying for you! And myself.
I would soooooo pick the hammock I love swinging on things!
This was an awesome post today miss Nancy!
I'm praying for all of you!



Oh I forgot the thing I was going to cut off. Well the boy I like goes to my church and at middle school Sunday night church I always find myself thinking about him and not on the sermon. So i'm going to cut
that off.



Thanks Alyssa


P.s. Rebekah I have exactly the same problem. If you keep praying He will answer you and if you have said sorry to God and you have become a christian you will always be one no matter what! I will pray for you can you pray me?
love ya all


I would be the one getting comfortable! I don't know why but I probably would haha!I would choose the hammock because they are awesome!!! I'd probably talk to Jesus and right in my journal! I would want want to give up things but then I wouldn't because I like them and It would be hard! I'll pray for you all!! Have a great day! Anna maybe try writing in it a night before you go to bed! That's what I do!



wow. everyone chose hammocks! Rebekah i have the same problem. but its just part of growing up. it doesn't mean you are not christian! Alyssa: i did win! 2 to 20!
sierra. <3


i do exactly the same thing Rebekah! if i do it she wins! afterwards i go to my room and cry because i probably lost something fun, and i can't believe i just said that!


oh, and Arianah, i have a crush on a boy who goes to my church too! it doesn't interrupt me thinking about God, but i do think i think about him to much. its unhealthy. please pray for me!

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