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March 19, 2014


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i would be the one to say "um, could you explain that.?" and i would be looking down at my hands. i also would be the one to sit up straight and say "i'm going to do that from now on." i am not much of a crier. i have a friend that i don't think goes to church anymore and she was getting kind of mean. i don't see her anymore so i can't help her. besides she doesn't like me anymore:(
Sierra. <3


That's sad Sierra! I'm really independent so I would be confused about the simple believer thing.


*I'd b the independent 1 who luvs 2 explore & learn all the stuff.
*I'd b the 1 2 wander off into the diff city. (Remember Jesus' lost girl example?)
*I'd b the 1 2 look down @ my hands.
*I'd b the 1 2 get confused. I'm REALLY independent...so I probably wouldn't cry or think "I'm going 2 do this frm now on." I'd make a list of steps & ALL THAT...LOL!

Holly :)


I'd be the one to cry! hahaha!I cry about those kind of things. I'd also be the one to say i'm going to do that from now on! Great post! Thats sad Sierra im sorry:(I'll pray for you all!



I would be the one to get lost on the path b/c I'm reallly curious about, like, everything, and also scatterbrained.... I just can't remember if/when/how/ i lost God's path other than forgetting to read the bible. But I always talk to Him at least once every day.

I wouldn't be the one who cried or the one who said, "I'm so going to to do that from now on." I'd probably go, "Ok, Jesus, but SHOW ME how, please!"

The way I reflect is: Making lists (not like Lucy- I mean I make to-do lists and see which ones I do already *which I check-mark* and which I don't *which I put a dash next to*), pondering it until I go to sleep (thinking of all the possibilities, and if I come across any problems, I present them to God), and writing it out until I know exactly what to do in order to obey God, and how to do it (firmly yet loving or merciful and loving).

Please pray for my ankle- it's been hurting today.

Love you girls more than cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing,


I would be the one to squirm. Also the one to cry. I would kinda be confused to. I don't know if I'd wander off, but sometimes I get distracted. I am so sorry about your ankle Amelia. That is sad Seirra, so sorry!


I'd totes be the one who says "I'm soooo going to do that from now on!" Except I would think it.

We did this at my church with the lost sheep storie Jesus told. We pick a person that has gone astray (like the lost sheep in the storie) we get a sheep tag that says 99 on it (the 99 is us the found sheep) and pray for that person. And it works! It's so cool I'm bringing my sheep tag person to my church next Sunday!

Anyway awesome possem lesson thingy today miss Nancy rue!



Oh and praying for you Amelia!
I hope your ankle is ok!



I'd probably be the one person who cries. Sometimes I just can't help it and get like, REALLY emotional. It's sad. Also, I'd probably say "Um, could you please explain that?" because I just DONT get things he first time round, maybe not even the second...

Amelia: So sorry about your ankle! Get better soon! Praying for you!!!
Ms Nancy: Your right, I probably shouldn't say my age, and GREAT post!!!
Sierra: I'll be praying for your ex-friend. It looks like she has MAYBE a hard time.

Also, I'm probably one person who goes to church and Sunday school but just sits there being bored. I should work on it, maybe even pray about it...

Prayers for everyone, Anna!:)


Sorry about your ankle Amelia. I hope it gets better soon. Sorry Nancy I probably shouldn't say my age either!
I would probably say "um coild you explain that?" Great post!
praying for ya all


P.S. exuse my spelling keyboards on tablets just drive me crazy!


I'm praying for u every1!!!!!

Holly :)


praying for everyone. thx guys!

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