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March 18, 2014


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I would be the one that says "We should probably go ask him".


i would do the same thing Rebekah! none of the other ones. sometimes i compare myself to people. ok, a lot of the time. i think everyone is prettier then me or i am smarter then them. i worry about if people will like me. usually they do. sometimes they don't but that's okay because not everyone will like me. sometimes i think i am better at being a christian then others:( but i push that thought out of my head! i never really am all smart-alec-y about being a christian. sorry this was so long! i am praying for all of you!
Sierra. <3


okay, it felt long. it really wasn't THAT long.


I would do the same thing as Rebekah and Sierra!!
Sometimes I am like that too!!
Praying for u guys!


I would probably be the one who says " wow we were wrong." I would also probably be the one who rolls her eyes at Maeryn (sorry Mae) because I would probably be thinking about how I'm older than her but them when Jesus tells about child-LIKE faith then I feel stupid. That's how I would be the one to say "wow we were wrong."
Love ya
Alyssa =)


I would probably be the one who says "But you know what's wierd etc."

Great post Ms Nancy! It's my fav at the moment!

Just asking, anyone else twelve here? I am!! (Not that that matters, we can be friends no matter WHAT age we are!)


Hey Anna I'm 11 and in a few months I'll be 12 but we can still be friends right!
I would probably be the one who says "Wow were wrong."Great post Nancy.
Praying for ya all


Totally! I don't care what age you are! As long as, well, nothing, I'm not picky!!!:)


ya. you guys probably shouldn't put your age on there...


Your right mabye we shouldnt put our ages up! Oooops!
YEYYYYYY!!!!! great that were friends Anna

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