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March 25, 2014


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I would be the one to say "YA THINK" beacause I have a serios attitude problem. Can you pray for me?


Oh my gosh, me too, Rachel! Can you pray for me?


i would be the one to say "but i'm afraid to. what if i sound stupid? what if she doesn't get it and gets mad at me?" i would also say "i would pray and hope God will fix it." i would think they were ganging up on me too, but i would not say it out loud. i would have mountain dew! mmmmm.... as for the questions: yes. mom yes, friend maybe. to not get angry back and make it worse, i would take responsibility for my actions suggesting she should do the same. i wouldn't take any, i would feel like they are ganging up on me even if they are being nice. yes. yes.
Sierra. <3


Rachel: I'll pray 4 u!!!
Rebekah: I'll pray 4 u!!!
Lianna: Welcome!!!

Id b the 1 2...
*Say "I'm afraid 2...wut if she doesn't get it & gets mad @ me?"
*Say "Talk 2 my other friends about it."
*Say "Who does that tho? Who's THAT nice 'bout it?"

~I'd have a chai teas w/th cinnamon, milk & whip-cream & a scone~

I'd b hard 4 me. I don't think my friend'd listen. I need 2 pray 'bout my whole attitude. I would do it alone w/thout friends...I'm brave. I wouldn't b afraid...I have a lot of courage. I WOULD believe Jesus wuz there...I just would kinda forget 'bout it...

Holly :)


Thanks Rachel and Holly!
I'm glad to be on a journey with such nice girls.


I would say "what if I sound stupid" and "I feel like they are all ganging up on me" I would order a hot chocolate. This is hard for me because my friends have been fighting about something really dumb. I try to get them out of the situation but it doesn't work out, they have to talk it over.


Great post Ms Nancy!

Lianna: WELCOME!!! I LOVE new friends! :)
Rachel and Rebekah: of course I'll pray for you!
Rylie: Thanks for the journal tips! I've got a journal on my iPad now! (iPad for school)
Rebekah and Rachel: Got same attitude problem!

Ok, I think first things first, Cappacino or Lemon Squash.
Now, for the REAL stuff:
I would probably say, "But I'm afraid too..." Because I am. I'd also feel like people are gaming up on me. It's hard to be nice to people that aren't nice to you (and people who don't have any common sense and just blurt out what they're feeling; like my 'friends'.
Anyway, I'm always grumpy. Especially after I wake up at 6:00 am to get to waterpolo training at 6:30am TWICE a week, and then I'm having a bad hair day, and then in PDHPE we do the beep test and I'm all sweaty; especially since I forgot to wash my clothes after sport the previous day, and... I've said too much!!!

It'll be REALLY hard for me!!!
My friend/mum would probably think I'm CRAZY, but it's worth a try!
I need to pray about that I don't blow over the top and start being the person that my dad says, 'Is not me' and overcome it.
I would take with me ALL of you guys because we're in the same boat, we're BFFS and we love God! I wish you guys were here!!!
I'm STILL a bit afraid, but the next time my friends do something not-so-nice, I'll step up and tell them I'm offended; in a nice way.
I TOTALLY believe God will be there for me. After all, he created me and my friends, he can do ANYTHING!

Prayers for everyone, Anna!


Of corse I'll pray for you Rebekah. Thanks everyone your sooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya all

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