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April 01, 2014


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I would be the one thinking how body I can be sometimes (or more than sometimes).


I would be the one to be like Hey this is our road trip and I would also be thinking about how bossy I can be sometimes
love ya all


*Ya, my phone is kinda imp 2 me...
*Ya, I have a friend like that...
*Ya, I have an activity like that...

Holly :)


I would also think 'hey this is our road trip!'


I would probably say "this is OUR road trip" I have a friend who loves playing truth or dare and sometimes she tells us to do embarrassing or bad stuff. I will try to pray for her. I don't own anything THAT important. I wouldn't think I'm bossy but I wanna be an actress/ singer so I can kinda be bossy.
Alyssa =)


Hi! Sorry I have been off for a couple of days! School has been taking me a while! The only thing I would be mad to Give up is my family but I know God wouldn't do that! But nothing is to important for me to be mad at God if he asked me to give up! To be honest I do have activists (bowling or swimming) that I would want to do but I really like going o church so not a lot of things! No I don't have any friends who do that! Praying for you all!

Rylie :)


Ms Nancy: Great post! Your right, we need to stay on the topic!

I would probably say "This is our road trip!" cause I'm a bit bossy.

I actually have ONE possession that if God did take it away from me, I would be mad. It's actually my little lamb that has been with me since when I was born. It means a lot to me.

Yeah, I REALLY love horse riding...

I would try to do it in the best way possible, because, I'm not gonna lie, I WOULDNT do something incredibly bad.

Prayers for everyone, Anna


I would be the one to be bossy... cuz I am.

If God took away someone I really, really loved and knew I wouldn't ever see them again, school, or Church (but I don't think He'll take away the last one), I'd probably get really upset.
I'm not very materialistic about many things (to my knowledge as of right now- I probably am very materialistic and need God to reveal it!) mostly because I lose so many things. I've just learned to deal with losing things. If my tablet was lost, yeah, I would be a little upset, but mostly about losing my connection with people. Having a tablet is a bit less of a burden for communication on Mom, but it's also a distraction, so I would know that I can live without everything at my fingertips- I can simply read a book instead of FlappyBird, write a letter instead of email.

I love the three things that Jesus tells us to do because they're hard. And that means it's a Jesus-original.



i meant to post yesterday but my computer wasn't working. i would say "this is our road trip!" i am not very bossy (i think). i don't have anything i would be really MAD at God. i do not have any friends like that. i do not have any sports like that. i do Upward basketball so we pray and talk about God at the end of practice and start of games. i also do taekwondo (and yes i did spell that right!) and my instructors are Christian.
Sierra. <3

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