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April 04, 2014


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I would have a blueberry bagel, with 1/2 the fat cream cheese, and orange juice with pulp :) I would start on the project right away, and I would also say "But-" because I am all about fairness.


I would take a apple bagel and 1/2 cream cheese and a mango juice.
I would start right away! I would be smiling. I would also say -But that's not fair!-
I really think it's not fair my mother tell to the harder chores in the house, and my sisters do the easier ones! What is TALKING TO GOD JOURNAL?


Larissa- A Talking to God Journal is a journal where we journal, doodle, or talk to God. We journal about what's on our minds, doodle about what you feel if you're not wordy but artsy, or talk to God in your unique way- whether it be lists like Lucy or paragraphs like Lily, or whatever.

I would take a cinnamon-raisin bagel with strawberry/blueberry cream cheese (yum!) with blueberry juice (or apple juice!)

I'm not sure where I am on the work assigned thing... probably in the middle.

I would probably say, "But-"

I would take notes but probably not write down many b/c I'd be looking at Jesus most of the time (to see His facial expressions to get the full meaning).

* The things in our own lives that don't seem fair. We get those all out.
The things in my life that aren't fair to me:
-having to follow the rules when almost everyone else doesn't, esp. if it's a person that I respect.
-My hair is just unfair. Everyone else I know, with long or short hair, has hair that brushes easily. I don't use product (other than shampoo and conditioner, with the occasional oil to strengthen/nourish my hair) on my hair, and I do my best to brush it every day. But, even if it's just been brushed and goes on a 15 minute car ride, it gets MATTED. NOBODY ELSE HAS THIS PROBLEM THAT I KNOW (other than someone from my volleyball friend... she has amazing, thick, curly/really wavy hair that is hard to tame).
-Just because I'm small and young-looking, plus a kid at heart, doesn't mean that I can't lead! Long story short, I'm assumed to be unable to lead because I'm short, young-looking because of something I can't change, and act like a kid because I am! My BFFs are younger than me, but they act like they're 16!
* What happens inside us when we let go of what's fair and ask God to show us the next right thing to do
-Following the rules seems like what will please God.
-I won't be/become jealous of other peoples' hair because I'm focused on Him.
-As a song I love says, "...and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace."
-Overall, I'll be fixed upon Jesus, looking at Him all the time and not looking at anyone or anything else.



Thank you Amelia! My hair is curly,and hard to brush and sometimes I think it's unfair that everyone has straight hair and I don't, but I thank God I have this hair because he made me and I think it's awesome! I feel the same way as you, and feel sad most of the times. But you should be happy the way God made you :)

Larissa ;)


i would have a blueberry bagel with butter (if Jesus has some) and orange juice without pulp. i would say "but-" i would be the first to do the project! i am definitely a early starter and morning person! i wouldn't take notes. i think it's not fair that: all my friends are skinny and i feel fat next to them, i know i am no over weight or fat but i can't help it! i think it's not fair that: all my friends (well, most of them) have pools (big enough for me not just my little sisters!) and i don't! i also think it is not fair that all of my friends haven't started puberty and i have! what happens inside us when we let go of whats fair and ask God what to do next: i will figure out that i am perfect the way God made me. that: i shouldn't become jealous of others (and i can share there pools!). and that : we all start puberty at different times. i am special.
Sierra. <3


Ms Nancy: Yummy Post!

I'd have a plain bagel with Nutella on top, if there is any...
Also, I'm probably a person who puts WAY TOO MUCH effort in assignments.
I would say "But-", because unfortunately, I'm like that.
I'd take notes, even though I don't like taking them, I have an AWFUL memory.

Because I'm egg and dairy intolerant, I think it's REALLY unfair. All my friends act disgusted when they get chocolate mouse, and I'm just sitting there, all jealous.
I also think it's unfair that I have a BIG mouth and say things that I was meant to.
I also think it's unfair that other people hear something and remember every single EXACT word, and I'm sitting there like "Can you repeat the question..." And my friend next to me leans over and whispers, "It's not a question!"

I think I will feel MUCH better and I think a weight will lift off my shoulders.

Prayers for everyone, Anna!!! :)


I would have a cheese bagel with garden veggie cream cheese and Apple juice or orange juice! I'm shy so I wouldn't start right away but I wouldn't wait a week to help so probably in the middle of those two! Larissa a talking to God journal is we're you write to God about what your feeling or what went on that day! It's like prayer but you write it! I think it's unfair that since I'm younger I don't get to do things older girls do! Amelia I have very tangley hair too! Try sleeping with your hair in a braid and if you have to go on a long car ride wear it in a bun or braid! You could also try detangler spray! That's what I do and it helps a lot! I hope this helps! When we let go of what's fair and let God show us what's next I think we would feel much happier and be excited for people if they get something! My family's old church before we moved play a video that had people that were happy with the size coke they got from Jesus until they saw the size of the other person's coke was and it basically just showed that you should be happy with what you have not looking at what other people have even though it can be hard! Praying for you all!



Thank you Rylie for telling me, and Amelia too. I didn't really know what a TALKING TO GOD JOURNAL was ;)


Your welcome!


Anna: I know exactly how you feel- SAME HERE (except I am gluten and dairy intolerant)!

Larissa: Thanks! I am happy with my hair... but when it gets tangly, it's hard. And you're welcome:)

Rylie: Thanks! I took your advice (braids), and it works great!

Sierra: I get that 100% (friends having a better matabolism *aka considered thin* and ourselves not being as slim).
Sorry... I'm off topic.

God, thank You for Miss Nancy. Thank You for Miss Crystal and little Maeryn:) Please help us to focus on You, not on what's "fair," because with You, it's about love. And in love, there is grace. Please help everyone with our thoughts, our actions, and desires. Please help my grandpa and family. Please help us to recognize that we are not alone. Thank you for all of these beautiful Mini-Women!


Love you girls more than dark chocolate!


Thanks Amelia, you're so sweet and I agree (except I don't don't like dark chocolate, so how about milk chocolate?)
I would have an asiago bagel with chive cream cheese and white grape juice.
Thing that are so not fair to me :
1. My little sister is the most annoying girl I know and she is always acting up and NEVER gets in trouble.
2.My mom tells me things and she changes her mind and says "Things change."
3.When my sister leaves a mess, I normally have to clean it up.
4.I have three sisters and one brother and they are all annoying.(except my brother, he's two.)


Did you try talking to your mother?
I think it's unfair too, just cause I the youngest my mother doesn't believe me :( And I agree too Amelia, you are all so sweet ;)


I wrote wrong Amelia, I meant "I stay sad" but instead I worte "Stay sad" don't stay sad!I forgot to put the "I".



I would probebly have a plain bagal with nutella as well. I would be the one to say but.
I am so luvky to have all of you as my friends


Sorry I meant I am so lucky to have all of you as my friends


I would have a whole wheat bagel. I would maybe get to the project right away and I would smile. I would say "but that's not fair!" When my little brother is being annoying, he gets away with it. That is so not fair! I can pray about it and maybe I will get less annoyed with him.


Larissa, no I didnt try talking to my mom, she...wouldn't understand...or she might tell me that I'm being rude.


I know your position Lianna.


Well, it's good to know that I'm not the only one, Anna. :)


I'm glad it worked for you Amelia! It's what I have to do all the time! Praying for you all!

Rylie :)

P.s. I agree with Amelia and Luanda ( I like milk chocolate to!)

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