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April 02, 2014


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I generally knew that, but I never really thought about it, and I don't think I've heard that verse. Also, top bunk!


Id probably be on the top or bottom bunk.
It is pretty hard to feel content in the worlds last place. But when think about the fact that you'll be first in God's eyes its pretty cool. I might be the one to ask "why about now? " I don't know...


*I'd sleep @ the top bunk. :)
*I'd tell wut "reverse" means. :)

Holly :)


-I'd sleep by the fire place.
-I'd tell wut 'reverse' means.
-I'd say, "Wut 'bout now?"

Belle <3


Me too Holly, I would sleep in the top bunk.
I would ask- What about now?
I know that if I respect my parents I will get it a hundred times more (but it is a bit hard!) I'll keep on trying!



I would sleep on the top bunk. I would agree that I want to fit in and still be a Christian. I would say " if we forgive that person who has been pretty awful to us, we will get a hundred timer more?" It is hard to be last because I am in lots of plays and I love getting the lead. But when I think about getting the lead in God's eyes, no one can compare that role!


Me too Holly, I would sleep in the top bunk. I would say -What about now? and I think I would get a hundred times more if I respect others which is a hard thing to do specially with my sisters and parents! What is TALKING TO GOD JOURNAL?


Ms Nancy: Great post! :) I'll keep that verse in mind...

I'd say "What about now?"
I'd take the sleeping bag in the fire place TOTALLY!!!

So now I think, if I be nice to my brother and those REALLY annoying girls at school, I will get less annoyed...
To be in Gods first place would be REALLY awesome! I'm going to try my best to work up to that goal!

Prayers for Everyone, Anna!

P.S: sorry ms Nancy for bending the rules but, HAPPY LATE APRIL FOOLS guys!!!


I would ask Him to help us.

I would probably take one right next to Jesus... kind of like Mary sitting at His feet.

I would define reverse.

When I think about "first shall be last and the last shall be first," I think about a deck of cards. The first card you put down will be the last card you pick up; the last card you put down will be the first card you pick up.

PS. Miss Nancy, did you get my emails?


I would totally have the sleeping bag near the fire. I would also be the one to say "what about now"
Love ya all


Hi! I would be on the top bunk!!! I might get back a hundred times more if I go first on the computer for school so my brother could get ready! Because we both don't like doing school first on the computer! I really like that verse! Great post! Praying for you all!



I would take the top bunk! I would say- What about now? And I would get a hundred times more, if I respect my family (which is a hard thing to do!) But I will keep trying! :)


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