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August 21, 2014


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A LOT of bullying goes on in my neighborhood so it didn't take long to find someone to help. Some of the 7/8 yr old boys were telling a really sensitive girl that she was their enemy and saying all kinds of mean stuff to her and teasing her. She's told me before that when she gets bullied she's always afraid that she'll cry or bully them back. I could tell she was about to cry so I went over there and told her to come with me. So we went where the boys couldn't go and then she started crying and saying that she didnt get why people are so mean sometimes then are really nice other times. I told her about saving the tears and she really liked the idea and said she's definitely gonna use it.


Wow, what a coincidence. The monitor of my class said to one of my best friend that she failed and later on was laughing so he called her stupid and she started crying. Of course half the girls came up to her, but I sit in front so I said that she could cry, but not in front of them, all bullies wanted was to see her cry. It happened to me too, and I kept on thinking save the tears, save the tears but it was to much that I cried silently but my other friend said, now she's crying stop so it didn't work. And I also told someone else but I don't remember whom! But all the time someone or even a teacher lets me down and make me want to cry I think "save the tears". Isn't this a coincidence, and right after I finished reading SO Not Okay :)

Miss Nancy I have a question, what do we do if when we're helping someone like you said but the bully talks to us like saying "go away" or we start getting bullied, what do we do then?

I think we should find a way to make the bullies recognize that what they do can change a life. So this monitor guy said excuse me instead of move like he always does and I said "Now you respect" and he said "I never respect" as if it was a bad thing to respect. I don't know how to make him realize that trying to be popular by not respecting isn't cool. He got food poisoned so even if he's mean I'll pray for him I guess!

Praying for all,
<3 Larissa :)


Count me in!
Well done Maggie, that was so kind of you to do that.
Unlike Maggie, not alot of bullying goes on where I lie (anymore) and it's a week away before school starts. I will do my best to try and complete the challenge. Good luck to everyone. :)


Hey guys, just noticed two typos in my post. I meant where I live and not where I lie. And a lot instead of alot. Sorry for any confusion caused and Larissa, I'll be praying for you and those bullies. But I'll be praying for everyone else as well


I wont be able to comment or email what happened until school starts because that's when this bully will be with the middle schoolers.


Same here Alyssa. Can you pray for me? I'm going into seventh grade and emerge, that's our youth group, in a week and 4 days. There are a few people I know in Emerge and also, there is only one girl in my grade for Emerge and barely any girls in the whole youth group! Also, there are new kids coming in seventh grade and hopefully one will be a Christian because I really want Christians to talk to in school as that's never happened before! Love you all! God bless you! xxx xoxo


Count me in!

My brother has gotten bullied and so have I it makes me feel realyy down. I always felt sad.


Hi Girls!
Last November, I was invited to a birthday party. I was a bit late and when I arrived, everyone was staring at me for a while which made me very uncomfortable. Worse, when my mum came to pick me up, the girls looked at each other as if " Does that family go out shopping?" As soon as I got into the car, I told mum everything and started crying because I was so upset that they disrespected my mum when she wasn't looking. My mum reminded me that we were different and that we are special in God's eyes. I felt even more encouraged to be myself. Now, I know how it feels and hope to help others. Hope that's what you are looking for Miss. Nancy! Love you and God Bless you all! xxx xoxo


By the way, I hope I wasn't to late to say my Save the Tears story! God bless you!

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