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August 27, 2014


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If I see someone bullying someone else I say "leave her alone what did she do to you?!" And I hope this is not too late but I have something for my save the tears. My friend and I were on a website and she was getting cyber bullied and the bully kept telling everyone not to trust her and I said "I trust her I'm her friend" and I messaged my friend and said don't worry about it.


If the bullying turned on me and it was about looks I would say its not the inner beauty that God looks at not the outer beauty.


Okay, if anyone can read this comment please tell me, because I have asked to count me in three different times on three different posts and know I'm wondering I'm commenting wrong or something?!?! SO PLEASE COUNT ME IN!!!

I'll be praying for everyone ♥♡♥ Annelie


I can read your post Annelie, and YOU ARE IN! :) (have you been doing the number thing at the end?)

Well my one-liner would be "Treating someone kindly makes you feel better than hurting someone!"

Also, I have a "Save the Tears" story that I forgot about til now and I hope it's not too late.

My sister was hanging out with one of her friends (let's call her #1) when another one of her friends (let's call her #2) came over. #1 immediately abandoned my sister and dragged #2 off to play. Well, i found my sister over on a chair watching them. I asked what was wrong and she told me they weren't including her. So I went over to #2 (I should've gone to #1) and told her my sister was feeling left out. So #2 went over, grabbed my sister's hand and dragged her to play apologizing the whole way! That's how I "Saved the Tears!"



Hi Girls!
If someone says something negative, which is a lot, my one-liner would be, " That's my style. It doesn't matter,". Love you all! xxx


I can't believe I got my picture on! :D Thanks Mrs. Rue!!!
For Save the Tears, today was my first time for horse-back riding lessons. I got off at the farm from a different school bus from my normal one, so I was kind of scared. The farm-owner's daughter didn't say anything to me, but was sitting with another girl who had been taking lessons a lot longer. When we got off, she was like, "you can go down to the barn," while she and the other girl went down to the house. It doesn't sound that bad, but I felt like crying because she said it in a mean, fake kind of way. I couldn't find anyone else to do the challenge on, so I hope this counts!
Also, for this one, I'll probably say, "I REALLY can't believe you just said that. Wow. Just Wow!"
luv u girls!


Hillo!! Great post everyone, and Annelie YOU ARE SO IN!!! I said it the last post too but I think Miss Nancy didn't see that's why!

My one-liner WILL be-
(If it happens with a friend or me)- You must really love her/me, you never forget about us!!

Well, I'll be praying for y'all, and thanks Miss Nancy :)

<3 Larissa

P.S. I've been praying yesterday that I got the part in the musical and I got the narrators part and my teacher said I'll have to sing and act a lot! I'm so excited it's on Joseph (the one with 11 brothers) I never knew my school (which isn't christian) would do a christian musical ;)


Hi guys! Thankyou all o mu for elling me you could read my post! You guys are so nice here :-D
My one-liner will be-
You have an amazing influential talent, why not use it for good and not bad?
I love all your one-liners too so I will be using them all.
=D God's blessing in all you do

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