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August 13, 2014


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The reason stopping bullying is important to me is because I was bullied from 1-6th grade. The girl was really mean. But then I joined my youth group and asked the counselors to pray that she would be less mean and she was. It was really a God thing. Any ways, I don't want other kids to have the experience that I had. Even though it is over now and I am at a different school, I still remember what it was like to be bullied. It ended over 2 years ago, but I can still feel the pain in being bullied. I stand up for other kids whenever I see them being bullied whenever I can. One time I stood up for a girl who was being held against the fence by a group of boys and went and told the teacher, and even though she and i are really good friends now, I got the title of snitch. So standing up can have bad results, but the biggest result of that time was the best one. I got a friend for life.


The reason stopping bullying is so important to me is I have a friend who is really shy and he isn't just being made fun of he's getting beaten up practically every day. And it's two against one. And not one person in the whole school does anything to stop it because he's known as the weird kid and will get labeled if they help. Not even his best friend will stand up for him. It's kind of hard for me to help though because I'm homeschooled but the bullies are on my friends bus so I see them almost every day and they always want to talk to me. And sometimes even though they don't live here they come to our neighborhood and the other kid can't even go play soccer with his friends. He's practically being made fun of by the whole school. Finding this blog was really a huge blessing for me because I didn't know what to do about bullying but I knew I wanted to help. Thanks! And that's really encouraging Margaret!! Thanks a ton!!


I've been bullied from 4th grade to 6th grade at school. I felt really upset because I knew that I was different from them which made it easy to pick on me. However, one day While I was sitting in church next to a chubby girl. The boys behind us only said fatty fatty but I couldn't bear them teasing her so I told the teacher what happened. I noticed that if someone got teased and I stood up for them by saying something positive, then the teaser would try and tell everyone what I said. As soon as people start being mean to someone else, I know that you have to stop them by saying something good about the victim. I know that it's painful when people are bullied and sometimes they feel alone. I don't want them to feel alone. I want them to feel that someone cares about them. That's why stopping bullying is so important to me. Margaret and Maggie, your stories really encourage me!


Girls, you have really good encouraging stories!!
Well, stopping bulling is really, really, really, really important to me (did I mention really?) because I've been a bully and have bullied others by not letting anyone being their friend. It turned out that now I know how it feels to be hurt too, because ever since I went back to my home country people barely talked to me or said mean things about me. I felt bad I realized what I used to do, if some girl tells bad thing about my friends or me I will say "stop because I've been where you are know". I don't like seeing people alone, in fact I talk to the lonely people in school and help them not be afraid of the people, these boys in the school bulling's almost EVERY girl in our class, I haven't been affected yet but I sure want to help does who have, and maybe they can start coming to church too! And in my essay it said to write about what we would do if we saw a senior bulling a junior, and really Miss Nancy you really encouraged me to write almost one and a half page! "Bullying is not normal and we should stop it." this phrase of the book So Not Okay stays in my mind all the time and I won't forget it forever :)

Love Larissa


Oh and I did a Tribelet but it didn't work out so I guess I'll have to do it alone now :(


I want to stand up to bullying because I've been bullied when I used to go to school. This girl in my class used be a friend to me in Kindergarten and I didn't know at the time, but she was a bad influence on me. Then in First Grade she just started teasing and other things. She kept doing it, but then in Third Grade she invited me to her birthday party. She started being sweet and friendly to me. The next day I told her my mom was going to be out of town and my dad wanted to do something with my sister and I and that I wasn't going to be at her party. Then she started being snotty again. When we would get in line to go somewhere I always liked it when I ended up first in line because I really liked my teacher and I liked holding her hand. Well I think the girl thought I was Teacher's Pet and didn't like that. So sometimes, if I was first in line she would cut when teacher wasn't looking then give me a dirty look. My friends have told me she's still a brat.

Maggie I know the feeling. I'm homeschooled too.
And Larissa I don't have a Tribelet either so even though we don't know each other we could be a Tribelet together!

-Madie :)


Aww Madie, that's sooooo sweet :)
Oh and girls I got good news, so we've been praying for my doggie to come and guess what she's coming now!!! And my sister's going to collage and hopefully granny will be visiting too :) I am SO happy!! And tomorrow is Independence day here in India, Happy independence day to all the Indians ;)


I signed and my two friends signed. That is three in all. I am in middle school now and if we work together we can stop middle school bullying but it would just be two of us because one is older. We live really close so that is a bonus and we've known each other for quite a while. I know this is important because I've had experience with it and I still can't forget about it. I want to see what i can do to stop bullying. No one should ever have to suffer from it.
Larissa, Happy Independence Day!
You all have such encouraging stories! Love them!!
Can't wait for the next book!


Hi! I can't form a triblet because I am homeschooled but stoping bullying is really important to me because we are all Gods creation and we deserve to be who we are! I hope I can send you a picture soon! Like Larissa said you guys do have good encouragement stories! Oh and Happy Independance day Larissa! I can't wait for the next book! Praying for you all!

Rylie :)


Finally I know some people that are homeschooled too! I live in Africa and lots of my friends don't even know what homeschooling is!
And if its okay,and if me starting a tribelet in my neighborhood doesn't work then I'd really like to join y'all's tribelet, Madie and Larissa. But first I want to try one in my neighborhood so that more people become aware.


And all of y'all's stories are really encouraging!!! And happy Independence Day Larissa!!


Happy Independence day Larissa! Hopefully I'll be able to form a tribelet if I find people who actually care about kids being bullied. But I prefer that my TYAM( Tween You and Me) sisters as a tribelet! You're all perfect for me!


The reason I think bullying should be stopped is that it is just plain mean,
it makes people fell down about themselves and the it could effect them and then they could become a bully too! Even if people don't mean it it is my goal to stop bullying for good!

Hopes and Blessings,


I can't believe I was featured in the blog, and my ideas/story was too!Thank you soooo much!
Can I join the online triblet? Also, I signed, but I just haven't sent a photo!
Here's my "do say...'s:
1: Do say: Hey, I know you probably meant these things in a friendly way.
2:Do say: Good friends treat each other with love, and we are good friends, and by asking you to stop *insert scenario* It is out of love.
3: Do say: I know we can move past this. Let's do something fun together!
Keep my mom in prayer and thank you again for all you who have been praying! And, Wow, Larissa, your in INDIA???
Love all the stories!!!!


I signed!


Should we print out the code cards?


I haven't formed a tribelet yet, but I'm going too. I'm going to start anyway so I don't fall behind, as I'm still working on Save the Tears. The reason why I'm starting this is because I just want to plain stop bullying, and also to some people doing that might sound boring and useless but to me it sounds really fun. Also, since both of my parents are Chinese, when I was in elementary school, especially on my bus a lot, people would make fun of me (and my brother!) and pull the sides of their eyes and go like, "I'm Chinese!" I just did my best to ignore them, and as time went on they did stop doing it. One thing that's hard for me for these challenges will actually to be finding someone being bullied, because not that my school is perfect, but you never see someone saying mean things out in the open.

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