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September 03, 2014


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I just did it with my mom and she said [of course she didn't mean it] " You bug me get out of here!! " Your hair is gross, your ugly!!" Of course she would never say this or mean it in her life. I just froze up and was like "uh, um..." My mom said though that in that case "I hope you feel better about what you said, but that didn't hurt one bit." And then walk away. It is hard even if you know the person doesn't mean it. Maybe part of it is, that I have not been bullied and I'm homeschooled.



I haven't been on here awhile, but it's good to be back! I know this doesn't exactly go along with the topic, but I have a question. I have a friend and she's kind of rude. Especially to people she doesn't like or adults. I've talked to her about it before, but she doesn't listen. I'm afraid that she's going to be a bad influence on me, or get me in trouble, since she kind of drags me with her when she does stuff like that. What should I do?


My one liner is "If your doing this to be happy, are you happy now?" I can not try it with my mom because she will not say anything mean. But I practiced and I hope it will work. Sorry if I'm off topic but I have a volleyball game tomorrow so please pray.


Praying Alyssa, good luck :)


Hey, so just like Alyssa I didn't practice it with my mom because I've been having as bit of a problem lately (which is one of my prayer request!). But I did try it, and sometimes it sounds like asking for a battle. But I changed it and kindly and better sounded... better I guess. It sounded like all I wanted to say was to just want peace between two or more people. I'll ask my mother when I solve my problem, because after all, I won't say it to me, I'll be saying it to a bully :)

<3 Larissa


Oh and BTW April, you're gorgeous ;) And so is Ella and Alex!


Thanks Miss. Nancy! My one liner sounds way better when you changed the last bit because it shows who I am ! April, Alex and Ella, you are truly should be in a magazine! What's even better is every Christian girl are Christian models in the heavenly magazine! Check out Proverbs 31 verses 10 -31 if you are interested! xxx. If I said too much for you, sorry! I get really excited when I see my TYAM sisters' faces! Love you all lots!
God bless!
Hadassah xxx xoxo

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