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September 17, 2014


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I don't really think that Ive really been bullied like that before(besides my sisters who after u ask them to stop will). Well there was the one time in kindergarten when the one kid kept calling my pajama girl, and I did ask him to stop but he didn't until I tried to tell him about Jesus, and the next day we were friends. But that was in kindergarten, and things are sooooo different 7th grade. Oh and Miss Nancy, I thought that I commented on my four things last time, but if you needed more information or something like that could u tell me what that is?
Luv it here!


Do I get a copy of the book too? I also did the challenge.


I go to a Christian school and a lot of people like to tease each other. But sometimes they don't stop. One of my friends continuously hurts this person and that person tells her to stop and she won't. I ask her why she does it and she said that she just doesn't like that person. I didn't say anything after that. But when she does it again I'm going to say "you know one day your going to do that in front of a teacher when you don't even realize it."


Hi, so my BFF used to hit me a few months ago and so did I, but then she started hitting me for everything I commented that she didn't like. It got really irritating, so I told her to stop and she said that I pulled her hair all the time, so I said that if she wants someone to stop doing that something that she doesn't like then she shouldn't do the same thing to that person. So I stopped pulling her hair, but the next week she hitted me again, this time I just told her to cut it off, it wasn't cool, and I explained that she was hurting me. She stopped, that was good because I didn't want to lose our friendship for something silly, right?

The second one are these boys in my 2nd language class, they keep on calling me carrot because they said my face looks like one (seriously, do I look like a carrot? I don't know where they get these things!) I ignore them, but later at home I worry about it thinking if it's true :( I know God made me the way He likes it, but sometimes it's hard when there's someone teasing you ALL the time. Next time I'll tell them to REALLY stop ;) Sorry, it's long!

Praying for everyone!
<3 Larissa


Hmm I can't really think of any times of when this has happened. I suppose I could have allowed it to happen a couple of times, I mean some people have said things that I could have taken offence to but I didn't. I wasn't offended but other people might have been. I have taken offence at things that were not offensive at all but I've stopped doing that.

A few days ago I was the accidental bully. I said something not hurtful that came out really, really wrong. I immediately apologised and explained what I had meant to say and after a while she understood. We are actually quite good friends now. I think it is because I apologised without thinking and It didn't seem like she was used to that.



Oh thank you Miss Nancy for the book :)


Oh no! I feel so rude! I completely forgot to thank you miss Nancy! Very sorry, thanks Larissa for reminding me! And thank you Miss Nancy

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