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September 10, 2014


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4 things are:
1. having a friend next to me, even if they don't say anything, just to back me up
2. sass: instead of being scared, when i give comebacks, i like to think that my comeback comes out really confident
3. empathy for the victim, which will make me want to stand up more
4. and also faith because i know that God is there too, so I'm not doing it alone
i tried it with my mom, (don't know if its too late) but i couldn't help saying it in funny voices. and it didn't come out like i wanted it to. i tried lots of times, and it got a little bit better, but i guess i still have to practice! when i do it myself, it comes out like i want, but i think i have to work on doing it in front of others.


First of all WELCOME LILLIAN!!
My four things which help are-
1) Be friendly with the bully
2) Befriend with the victim
3) Have confidence and faith that God's with me (like April)
4) Know that I'm not alone, I have friends, parents and teachers that can help!
I did my one-liner with my mom and at first she didn't want to say anything bad but then I forced her and I was about to laugh, so I smiled and said my one-liner and she said it was good :)

Praying for everyone!


Hi! I think you missed me out, or did I just not see it in another one?
Four things that help me are
Remembering that I am really helping someone
Knowing that God is with me
Remembering the bully doesn't need to be treated in a different way to anyone else.
Knowing that even if I make a mess of it and it ends up coming out like gibberish! I'll have tried.
Going to try it out now so I will let you know how it goes!

Annelie :D


It went okay, my voice sounds weird on video though! I will try it out with my mam later


My one liner would be something like "God made you and me special" or "Jesus loves you". I tried saying with my younger sister ( cuz I knew she wouldn't embarrass me or something) and they actually sounded okay. My four things are:
1) knowing that I have friends who agree with me and have my back
2) that God is with me and is smiling at me
3) I can understand what the victim is going through
4) I want the bully to understand that what he is doing is wrong but that she can change.
So good to be back!


Welcome LILLIAN!!!


Welcome Lillian!


Thanks everyone!


Welcome Lillian! You will love it here!
My four things are:
1. Knowing that God, my family, teacher and friends are by me
2. Know when to say things
3. Know why the teasers are saying those things
4. Help the victim because I know what it feels to be mistreated.

Miss. Nancy, is there a thing as bullying without thinking? If so, in Religious Studies at school, I am the only Christian and almost everyone is carelessly saying things that hurt me. My teacher has told the class about watching what they say and told me to tell her if something goes wrong. It seems that I'm getting, without thinking, teased at a lot. Sorry if I'm being silly for telling this. God Bless you all! xxx xoxo


1 helped me the most. I know that I have loving friends and family who will always have my back. And of course God. The next best one that helps me is 4. I have two adults who give me the confidence I need. The next best one is 3. I know how the victim feels so it helps both of us in that way. And last 2. I can definitely be the one when someone quiet is needed. I always thought of being shy as a bad thing but now I know it's not. I tried out my one liner and I sounded much more confident.

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