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October 08, 2014


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Report Alert is perfect for my triblet and I because we don't know when to tell and who to tell (besides God). I'll give the information tomorrow.


As I get teased at school, I'm working on opening up to my parents and teachers and God. This is a really good time for me! Love you all! God bless you


Well in my school girls can get REALLY dramatic and mean, I try helping some of them but it doesn't seen to work! I would ask help from the vice principle, she's really kind, serious and understanding. And if it was with me I would tell my mother, teacher and God of course.


Please pray for my family!! My mom is getting a MRI on Saturday and going from there. My brother is really cranky, I'm tired and cranky and then I have to more chores, and my dad is under stress. So please pray that we will treat each other with grace and respect and that we will get through this. I will keep you updated I really appreciate this, girls!!!


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