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November 19, 2014


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In my school there are A LOT of teasing and taunting. Yes, I have teased my friends for being shorter then others but she doesn't like it. I did stop but when I mention her height like when I'm just mentioning that something's too big for because she's short she think's I'm offending her. I try not to make her sad but it just doesn't work out :(

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Today there was an incident in our neighborhood and this boy was trying to beat up a 7yr old and a knive was even involved and there was an 11yr old boy who was trying to defend the boy and not hard at all punched the boy after realizing that words weren't going to work and everyone being actually afraid for the little boys life. I know it's not ok to punch someone but he almost got killed and he had hurt a lot more people really badly. I'm going back and forth between he was right to defend a little kid and that was so wrong of him to even touch the other boy. And when someone talked to him about it he was like so I was supposed to stand here and watch everyone get stabbed? There were no adults around by the way. Was it right of him to do that??


Maggie, it wasn't right. But maybe it was the reaction he got at the moment. He could have pulled the boy away or something like that but I guess he was just mad at the moment. Hope that helped :)


Some taunting that I have seen happening has actually happened to me myself and me friend Emily. Emily gets taunted because of her height. She is only 4 feet and 5 inches and she is in 6th grade with me. She seems like she gets hurt from it but tries to shake it off. I got taunted last year because of how skinny I was and am. Also these girls kept picking me up and pulling my hair. I actually teased my friend Becca because of the way she laughed. I did it in a funny way and she thought it was a little funny herself. But after a while, I noticed that even though it may be in a funny way, God would NOT want me to do that.

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