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February 04, 2015


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My friend says some stuff about some people..that aren't true at all. The person she talks about is really nice. I really don't know how to respond to this..I think if a give her my liner..it will hurt her feelings..



Hey! awesome advice! though i don't really get bullied that much aside from my sister. praying for everyone!
Sierra. ♥


I don't have friends that do that, well, we joke around but nobody's feelings are hurt. But, that is great advice Mrs. Nancy!


I have an example of this situation. My sister (who we will call Liv) has been "friends" with this girl since preschool. When we started homeschooling, we started attending a church plant. Well, there weren't many kids at this church, so we started attending the place where we used to attend school. (It's a church and school) Anyway, this "friend", (let's call her Thing 1) attends this church because her dad is the youth pastor at my church. Also her oldest sister is the one who leaves me out in youth group, so you'll see how she gets influenced. Before now, my sister made friends with a girl in gymnastics who goes to the same church as Thing 1 (let's call her Thing 2). Liv is so ecstatic that two of her best friends go to the same church as her. Well, as I said before Thing 1 is influenced by "Big Awesome Sister", who acts like a spoiled rich kid (that's probably because her grandparents are billionaires), and "Big awesome Sister" excludes people, so obviously Thing 1 is going to exclude people! So Thing 1 is also "friends" with Thing 2 but she excludes Liv from things. Thing 1 is also a manipulator! She asked my sister who she was inviting to her birthday party. Liv said she didn't know, so Thing 1 said to invite someone she didn't invite last year like her! Liv is going to invite Thing 2 to go out to lunch, see the live action Cinderella, go to a paint your own pottery place, and dessert. Of course, when Thing 1 heard this, she got REALLY mad. Thing 1 also is super disrespectful. When she is talking to her dad, and he's talking to someone else, she calls him by his first name! How much more disrespectful can you get?!?! Well, I hope you like this example Mrs. Rue!

Madie :)


my friends dont bully me, but my sister has a "friend" who can one day be the nicest friend, and the next be your enemy. Tough on my sister.


Prayer Request, were looking for other churches.. not sure yet if we're going to leave the church were at now..please pray God will lead us to the right church if He plans us to leave!

Thanks Mini-Woman!


Praying!!!Excuse me Mrs.Rue,can you do another 'Fall in love with Jesus'series for this forth-coming valentine(i.e if you have the time and God-given inspiration), thank you.

P.S: What does P.S mean?(funny question), I really want to know. My brother is threatnening to post here and I'm like 'You soooooooo,can not!',so if you see any username of Tobi in a comment for now,DO NOT REPLY!!!! Thank you.



I just had a bulling experience with a so called "friend" and it was HORRIBLE! I just want all of you (especially if you are getting bullied right now) to know that it will get better! With a lot of hard work and the right attitude towards the situation you can/will make it go away! I think that when I say this I speak for everyone here by saying we have your back!


Nimi, P.S. means Post Script.
anywho.... praying Leah!


Thank you Sierra,praying Leah :)

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