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February 18, 2015


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Once in first grade there was a boy who would bully me all the time. I used to cry a lot in first grade over the littlest things, and he only made it worse. My mom told me to just ignore him, but it didn't work. Actually, now that I think about it, I didn't do anything about it which is kinda sad. But he did get punished eventually. And as we got older he got nicer, and we actually became friends until he had to go to a different school.


There is a girl at my school that I started to be friends with in second grade. A lot of the time she does not treat me well. When she starts to be mean to me at school sometimes I say a few things then walk away. Sadly most the time she keeps following me.


When I was in year 5, ages 9-10 in England, there was a girl who was really bossy and really mean. Because of that, no one wanted to be her partner or mine because I was really different, African and a Christian, so I always ended up being her partner. My mum told me to tell my teacher but I was too scared and didn't tell my teacher until it was almost the end of the academic year! Very painful. Fortunately, I did eventually tell my teacher who said I wasn't the only one who came to her. The girl hasn't really been bossy to me since! xxx


I'm African too! Today in school there was this girl in my class who asked to write on the board and I told her no because I was already writing on the board and that's when it all started. She began to use harsh words in the me until the tears finally came in. I ran into the toilet before she could see me and poured out my whole heart to God. After that one of the seniors came to console me bit I didn't share in what happened. I ignored her but she still continued until it was closing time and I went home. Thank you Ms. Nancy for this advice I'll be sure to use it. I have a scripture to share fom the Buddy Book thats all about relationships saying,
"Do not get angry against your brother unless you will be judged." Don't know if its correct but I'll check for corrections.


There a boy is this club I go to, he likes teasing and making fun of people, he does and has a bunch of stuff he shouldn't have. But he teases a bunch of kids. He is the person I had to just walk away from, the reason is personal for me so I won't be posting that. His parents are Christians so I would think he would be one. I can't stop doing the club because my brother and mom even go to it and some of the best friends go there.
I really don't know what to do..

I really don't know what I would do with out you Mini-Woman!


So at my school, there's a lot of joking around with each other and rarely does anyone take anything personally. Debbie from your story went through what i would call, "extreme bullying" not exactly what i might see, but i feel bad for you girls who have had to deal with that. I guess i'm lucky i haven't


Oh, and it seems the little kids at my sisters school do a lot more bullying than people in my school, little kids!


one time when my sister was being mean to me I told my mom (this was when i was young) and she said ignore her. so I did and my sister just says "what? are you deaf?!" and it really hurt my feelings. of course, I was like five so I got my feelings hurt a lot but....
praying for all of you lovely mini-women!
love, Sierra. ♥


Today this guy in my class was making fun of me just cause I wear braces and I ignored him. The one-liner helped too :)

Praying for everyone!

Love y'all


That's awesome Larissa!


I have braces too!


Praise God Larissa!


A time when ignoring didn't help was last year in 5th grade I tried ignoring the girls that were doing what Sarah calls "extreme bullying" and practically yelled "Are you deaf?! I'm talking to you! You better listen!". But I did walk away when they threatened to beat me up. A bullying issue that actually someone in my class is dealing with is actually effecting me. I don't want too share what the situation was and is because of privacy. But these girls want me to be there friend but they are bullying a girl that used to be really mean to me. Every time the bullies are well, bullying, they want to be my friend. Can you pray for me?
Mrs.Nancy, can you write a post about what to do in my situation? Thanks!


praying Kaylee!


Question, umm, who's BOO685?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
No other comments exept Miss Nancy, I still haven't gotton my book from the talking to God journal challenge. Just thought to mention.



I am new in this tween blog, i don't really know if i belong here cuz i don't know what age you consider a tween. I am home schooled so I say I am blessed with no bullying, except for an occasional argument with my mom.

Hi to you all,


Thank you Sierra! Welcome Samantha!We hope that you enjoy this blog! You don't have to be a tween just to join! Also, you can stay on here as long as you like! We love having new members and if you have any questions you can ask anyone of us mini-women or e-mail Mrs.Nancy
Love always,
Kaylee xoxo


Welcome and hello Samantha! The age considered 'tween' here is between ages 8-12, but you are welcome here anyways!!!! I'm Eve, and I'm homeschooled too! So I'm very fortunate not to have much bullying exept outside the fighting with my sisters, ( Like sisters do.)and fighting with my mom about school or fighting about fighting with my sisters. ( No-brainer, huh?!?!)
Anyways, Welcome and I hope you will enjoy it here on the 'tween you and me' blog!



Welcome Samantha! I'm home schooled too!
I'm the same as you with no bullying.
Margaret, if you're still here, Bye! We'll all miss you!
Mrs.Nancy, I LOVED the books. Thank you so much! And I understand so much more about bullying (and school!) after reading "So Not Okay, Mean girl makeover."
Thank you all for being my Tribelet, my friends and my sisters in Christ!
Love you all!

Zoe Arnold

Hey so I'm reading the "Christian girls guide to growing up" and I can't form a sister hood because my family just moved pretty far away from my friends so that just wouldn't work and then when it said that you could come on here I was so happy 😃 it was awesome! Thanks guys!

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