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February 25, 2015


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Miss Nancy two Q's for you:
#1:)I haven't gotten my book for the Talking to God Journal contest.
And #2:)On your So Not Okay website, there are the Code cards. And I want to print some out for my FaithGirlz club which i'll start a Tribelet with, but when I go to print them out, they're as big as a sheet of paper. is there any way to make them smaller?!?!?!

Eve :-)


So the last rumer I heard was that a girl was rich. Every one said she was. I probably could have done step one "find out if it's true" everyone thought she was rich because when the school would have donations she'd bring in a zip lock bag full of money. She later had to move to a different school, so we still don't know for sure.
Also welcome Samantha.
Prayer request: my Grammy's dad past away last night. Also her sister is very sick. Please pray!


The last rumer(rummer?) i heard was that person A was Dating person B(which of course i think is insane because we're only in 7th grade), im not sure if it was true or not. Sometimes my friends gossip but i try not to join in.


last rumor I heard was (approximately); Someone told me that they thought a guy liked me. It might be true, but I don't really care. I'm not allowed to date until I'm at least 18. Praying for everyone especially Meggiebear! (P.S: I still think your username is the cutest thing EVER! :-))
Love Sierra. ♥


The last rumour I heard was that two of my primary school teachers were leaving. I told my parents because they get informed of that kind of information. I'm still not sure so I try to keep it to myself and I only a few friends. Woops!


Last post I asked for prayers, but I'm not sure anyone saw my comment. Here it is again:
If you could please pray for me, on Saturday my bro and I are in a parade thing, and I'm heaps nervous. Also on Sunday I'm reading a passage at this sort of church meeting that anyone can come too. I'm worried I'm going to forget how to read or something!:)
Love Ana


Wow! Good luck Ana! I will be praying for you! Remember, God's got this! The last rumor that I heard was that person A was bullying person B, C, and D. It could have been true but I doubted the rumor, so I didn't pay much attention to it. The results of that rumor was persons B, C , and D getting sent to the principals office and being banned from fun activities. What I could have done is asked if the rumor was true and if it wasn't, then I should have stopped it. Also, pray for my sister and her husband and her 2 sons that are extremely sick. I also ask that you pray for my families financial problems. And lastly, please pray that my performance at our musical theater goes well. It is tomorrow and I was one out of eight students chosen for this! Thank you all! Have a phenomenal day at school or wherever you need and are going!
God Bless,
Kaylee xoxo
P.S. Sorry for the LONG comment. I just had a lot on my mind.


I don't recall hearing any rumors, but that is probably cuz I'm homeschooled. So I can really post anything except for the fact that I started my period today. It really shocked me. I guess it makes sense cuz I've been pretty moody the past couple of days.

Love u all!

Madie 😋


Congratulations to you Madie,praying for everyone
Well,the last rumour I heard was that a girl was doing something really bad.Lets just say it became the talk of the whole grade.Gladly it didn't turn into a tumour(not that I know of)!


Congratulations Madie! I am ecstatic for you!


Praying for everyone.


Well done Madie! I'm so happy for you! I thought I was the only one. I feel a lot better now. Praying for all of you ladies!


I don't remember the last rumour I heard. I hear a new everyday! I don't like it though :( Most of them is true but some are just "jokes", if you know what I mean. So I'm just keeping secrets, it's hard but when my friends tell me personal stuff it's kinda mean to tell to someone else. Trust me I know the feeling! Once I told my friend I had a crush on some guy and suddenly ALL the girls of my class knew. When I mean ALL it's a LOT, I think he knew it. But thanks Miss Nancy for the advice :D

Praying for all

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