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March 04, 2015


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Miss Nancy, Thank You for answering my question.
But yet, I have another one. I haven't gotton my book for the 'talking to God journal' contest yet.


My story where the bullies are Christian is this - There is one boy in my class who is really mean to me, and he always teases me. I got my hair cut one day and went to school, and then he laughed at me and told me it looked horrible. And then we had to do a drawing for bible class, and he looked at mine and said it was the worst drawing He'd ever seen. There was one day I actually cried in front of the whole class cause he bullied me so much.

And when I tell him to stop? That's when the bullying gets worse, because he laughs at me and tells me I look like a dork when I get angry. And I used to be friends with his best friend, but he turned him against me.

Also, there is another girl in another class who was crying in the hallway. My friends and I asked her what was wrong and she just said, "Well, there's a lot of bullies in this school," and then walked away. And it's a Christian School.
Sorry that this comment was so long. Anyway, that's my bullying story.


Thanks Miss. Nancy for answering my question. :)

Here's my story,
This guy who bullies us, we'll call him N (totally random, has nothing to do with him.) Now we'll call this girl G (again totally random) now G doesn't really care what she wears or does, she does everything her own way! Now N is like "You have a crush on (so and so)!" And G is friends with the guys N mentioned, there is more but I won't say it. Now G is really sensitive, and she was crying and crying. I talked to her telling G about the blog and what we've been talking about. Her mom came and took over.



In my old church, there were really rude kids and one of our Sunday school teachers' daughters were really mean to me like"you write funny, you sing too high, you always have worship, your dad is way too strict for a Sunday school teacher, he wouldn't have been if they weren't so rude and the worst, you're fat, I'm really skinny actually so that was a huge lie. Their mum did tell them off but they were still rude and they and their friends thought that they were cool. After four years, our family moved to a church much closer to us and the kids have been a huge extension to my family! I'm sure glad we moved to the church we are now! B-) Love you all!


My story would be that my best friend who started going to my church started bullying me. she would say rude stuff then when I got mad she would say "JK!" then we started drifting apart and she's not my friend anymore. she doesn't go to church anymore.
another girl that still goes to my church was always interrupting the pastor in kids church a few years ago, I would tell her to please be quiet and she would be like "No! hahahahaha!"
And of course my sister bullies me and she's a Christian.

Have I ever seen bullying by a Christian?: yeah. Some girls in youth group sometimes not include other girls.
that's it for now!♥ praying for all you lovely girls!
love, Sierra. ♥♥♥


I am happy to say that i have never seen a christian being a bully:)


My friend is a Christian and is bullying my other Christian in secret. But I know about it. She did a lot of pretty rude stuff to my other friend. The bully is clever and know what to do when to do it. The victim wants to talk to the bully about it but the bully won't listen. They do not like each other which is bad for me because both girls are my CFF's (CFF= Close Friend Forever).Sometimes I try to bring the girls together without interfering with their personal disliking relationship and I try to pretend like I don't know what the bully is doing, but it doesn't work. What if the bully is my CFF?!
Alyssa =>


There's this boy who acts like he always yearns to know God better but that's only when the teachers are around. He bullies his SENIORS indirectly by laughing at their faults,not respecting th and many other things, and if you tell him he'll refuse to correction,thats my own story.


There's this boy who acts as if he totally yearns for God buy that's when the teachers are around. He bullies his SENIORS by laughing at their misfortune and just being plain rude,I don't know how to come about because if I tell he'll make NO changes.


Sorry I posted two times,oops.

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