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March 18, 2015


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Speaking of Code Cards... How are they coming along Miss Nancy? ♥


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It is really sad that Christian kids are bullying other people and other Christian kids. So I will be praying for those Christian bullys and you too. Can't wait to hear the results. Hope they are great. I love you and I will be praying for all my fellow little women. Be strong and courageous. I have faith in you. You can do everything with Christ Jesus. ~thelittleflower~

Halle Belle

Although I've never been bullied, I am praying for every one who has been or is being bullied.

-Halle Belle

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A VERY HAPPY WELCOME!!! Glad you can be here!!! (p.s. she commented on the last post.) ~thelittleflower~

Halle Belle

Thanks, thelittleflower. I'm glad I'm here, too! Found out about the mini-women in
You!, one of Miss Nancy's books.


Welcome Haley Belle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's always so exiting to have a new mini-women join us! We keep expanding is what it feels like. Anyways....Welcome again! Hope you already like it here!


P.S. I found out about the blog from one of her books too.


WELCOME Halle Belle!!!
thanks LittleFlower!
I don't really know when i'm going to use these steps but i know i will use them later in life. thanks Miss Nancy!
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥


Welcome Halle Belle(its so nice to have new members:),thank you Mrs. Nancy for that verse. I'll make sure to practice it out.


Welcome halle belle! You'll love it here. I had a thought that maybe some bullies bully because they want to be noticed, or recognized as someone(just a thought)
ps. What does BC and Cff mean?


I don't know if this is correct,but BC means Bully Christain and CFF means Christain Friend Forever.


Welcome Halle Belle! I a so glad that we have yet another mini-woman here on the blog. You are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE did I mention Love it here?! If you have any questions, you can ask one of us or Mrs. Nancy. Have you started your talking to God journal yet Halle Belle? It is a TON of fun!


Mrs. Nancy, I have a question. I'm afraid it would be awkward if the bully and I were alone. Cause he's a boy, so that would make it a little more awkward, and also I'm afraid that if I mention the bullying he'll get mad, say he never bullied me or that it was just a joke, and tell the whole school. What do I do?


Praying for you Wendy! that sounds like a tough situation. :-(
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥


Welcome Haley Belle!

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