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April 07, 2015


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We will miss you Miss Nancy. :( Oh and another passage is some of the parables that Jesus has said in Matthew. God's not dead. He is alive!!!! ~thelittleflower~


I hope everything is okay Mrs. Nancy! We will miss you! I guess we will see you next week Mrs. Nancy!


We will miss you :-( Hope everything is going to be OK!
Love you all ladies xxx


I hope everything is okay Mrs. Nancy!

I don't think I gave you a welcome Lizzy, then Welcome!!



Thank you Miss Crystal for passing this note to us and as the other mini-women said we will miss you Mrs. Nancy:(


Thanks Miss Crystal! Another thing I don't get is when the Bible says fear the Lord (why should you be afraid of him, He's awesome!)


I was actually just going to say that MaryBeth. (: I don't really either..

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When they say fear the Lord they don't mean fear him like He is scary it means more like respecting Him, obeying Him, worshipping Him, loving Him, walking in His ways, and serving Him. Those kind of things because we should never ever be scared of Him because He is not scary, He is our protector. But doing all these things we need to do in awe and reverence because He is God. Hope maybe that clears some stuff up for you. Maybe you could ask your parents or pastor or youth pastor or anybody who truly knows the Lord.
P.s sorry that was long.


Took the words right out of my mouth LittleFlower! (although I think you phrased it better) Thanks Miss Crystal! Praying Miss Nancy! And praying for all you wonderful Mini-Women!
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥

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