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April 22, 2015


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Grrr! I just wrote out a nice, long comment and then the internet did something funny and I lost everything!
I'll just have to do it all again. :)
Welcome Laura, Anna ad Olivier! I love having new girls on the blog. So glad you're here!
Thanks Nimi, I found the Code cards.
Mrs. Nancy, I've emailed you twice about my little sister joining the blog but I might have the wrong address. Please could you say whether or not the emails got through? Thank you.
OK, the stuff from the last post. I had written out an answer to all the questions but when the internet shut down I lost it. But I will say, I know what Joseph's brothers felt. I have the same thing with my brother who is aso younger than me. But I definetly am not going to sell him as a slave!
Oh, and remember before I said that I couldn't visit the blog often? Now I can!
Love you all!


That's great Ana! I'd love to see you here more often!♥
I don't really have a success story because A: I haven't been bullied a lot. and B: the only person who has bullied me is my sister and I live with her so it's hard to have success.
Praying for all of you AWESOME Mini-Women!
Please pray for me, I have a sore throat and tomorrow I think, I am going to a Taekwondo Fight Night, and we will be sparring. Please pray that no one will get hurt.
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥

Halle Belle

I don't think I've ever been bullied, or known someone who has been.
But I'll be praying for anyone who has.

Praying for everyone!
Good Luck Sierra, may God be with you!!

-Halle Belle


Thanks Halle Belle! ♥


I once used a code card'Save the Tears',which actually made the bully realise that what he said didn't get to me at all. Praying Sierra and happy I could help Ana.

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