April 14, 2015


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Well,to my understanding and thoughts,it tells me about someone who is caught deep in sin and thinks he is not worthy enough to stand the presence of God,but when that seraphim flew to him and did what he did it reminded me of what Jesus has done for us,making us sin-free and the last verse is actually a calling for us to serve God now that we have been made one of his one and it shows our eagerness as followers of Christ,I'll read it more and see if there is anything else that I can contribute:)


Hi guys! Its been a while si-ce I have cokmented, but I just wanted to say, I'm in!


In in! Sorry I haven't been on, been crazy busy!


Basically the same thing Nimi said but I'll try to phrase it differently:
it's someone who witnesses the LORD and cried out because he doesn't think he is fit to see the LORD. He knows he has sinned and fears the LORD was threatening him. Seraph come down and touch his mouth with coals saying you are forgiven. So I think that relates to us as in, we can be forgiven even in the deepest of sins, even when we think there is no way out, GOD is forgiving. We always have a second chance (and usually a lot more chances because we are sinful). The the LORD asked "Who shall I send?" And the guy says "Send me! Here I am!" So even after all that GOD still has a plan for us, even when we mess up. We just have to except it, Like this guy did.

Praying for all you AWESOME Mini-Women!
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥


You said it like it should be Sierra:)


New here (well, I have been reading this blog for just under a year, but my life has been going a hundred miles an hour this past year, I couldn't fit in anything else. I've finally calmed my life down, so I can have more time to get closer to God.)- I'm definitely in!!


Welcome Jemma,so nice to have you here,you'll love it:)


Welcome Jemma!

I think the passage means that God Almighty has forgiven us even after we do things wrong. Once we've accepted that we are forgiven and we have accepted Christ as our Saviour, verse 7, we are then sent by God to share his Good News to others, verse 8. God's plan for us is to share the Good News :-D How exciting!


Thanks Nimi!

Halle Belle

Welcome Jemma!!!

I don't really know what it's saying, but I think it talks about what we want to be for God. ;-)

-Halle Belle


I think when he saw God, and heard the seraphim saying how great and almighty He is, it would make you realize how great your sin really is, and cry out to God for forgiveness.
Even though it feels like your sin is too great to be forgiven, once again you get reminded about God's love and mercy.

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From what I point of understanding is that God calls us to be a witness for Him even though we sin He forgives us and He wants us to listen to him. Also Welcome Jemma I hope you have a great time here. ~thelittleflower~
Oh and Miss Nancy even if I am going to turn 13 this year can I still stay here because I don't think I am ready to go to the teen blog?

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