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April 17, 2015


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Happy almost birthday Marybeth!
OK, so things that are hard for me right now.
1. That my Mum is so busy it sometimes seems I don't get to see her.

2. Part of being a family for us is that we all help each other. But sometimes it's hard to help. For example, my brother doesn't finish one of his jobs. I find what he's left and finish it. He complains that I'm always telling him what to do but that's because he wouldn't do it otherwise. I'm learning to just leave him alone and go around after him putting things away. After all, if I didn't it would just be left for Mum to do.

3. I sort of worry about myself; like that I'm doing something wrong. I don't often get to be around other people, especially kids my age, so that makes me really nervous when I am.

That's about it. Mrs. Nancy, I have an idea for a future post. You know when someone you know gets this haircut or wears something that is very, um, different? And when they say "I just got this. It's really great. What do you think?" What do you reply? Could you write about that?

Can any of you ladies tell me where I can did the Code Cards? I know Eve was asking about them before. Thanks.
Praying for you all!
Ana xoxo.


1. I need to know how I deal with really annoying people without getting snappy.
2. I need to know how I can be a strong and good leader without being stubborn.
3. I need to control my thoughts and my mouth.

May God bless you and keep you for the rest of your days and may you be a blessing to everyone you pass because you are God's girls!

Lots of love
Hadassah xxx xoxo

Halle Belle

1. My brother started his first year of collage last year, and now has TWO jobs. Sometimes I don't see him during the week. I miss him bunches!

2. Prom is almost here..... and my dad works for the Texas Christian Home School Prom. Prom hasn't happened and he's already put in 80 hours of work!

3. I argue with my friend more often then I use to.

4.School is always busy for us 'cause my mom is on the board, always going to meetings, and my brother and I have to go with her. I don't have much time to work on my homework and study.

I know that's a lot, so I thankfully I won't say any more!

Miss Nancy, what are some Bible stories for ALL of this?

Praying for everybody!

-Halle Belle


1-I try to be caring then go harsh immediately,its confusing.
2-I try to get closer to God the I backslide majorly.
3-I don't know exactly who I am,one day I'm sporty,a singer,or anything else that comes to my mind.
4-I don't pay attention during the sermon in church or I sleep all the way;)


1- Whenever my brother doesn't do his job, I have to do it.
2- My brother's teasing is getting waay out of control, even my mom agrees with that.
3- I'm worried because I'm going to a private school, it will ruin the friendships I have now.
4- I try to impress other girls, even though their my age, I just want to be myself.
5- I need to think before I speak, even though I've been getting a lot better, I want to improve more.


1. My classmates are arguing and going at it. We can't seem to find any peace. I'm trying to make things right, but those other people refuse to talk to me.

2. I try to impress EVERYONE, but no one seems to truly like me, for well, me!

3. I try to remind myself to think before I speak, but I never really remember that when those times come.

4. I am trying my hardest to get closer to God, but every time I do, I backslide.

5.I don't know who I am or want to be, one day I'm a baker, an artist,or anything else that the famous people or the popular people are.

6. My family issues!

7. Like Hadassah, I need to know how I deal with really annoying people without getting snappy, how I can be a strong and good leader without being stubborn, and I need to control my thoughts and my mouth.

Sorry for all that information. I am just so curious.


Hi my name is Laura. I recently turned 12. One of my Best friends is Marybeth. She is the one who told me about this blog. ( She said that it is AWESOME!)


Welcome Laura!!
1. I try to get good grades in school, but then they end up worse then I thought:(
2. I try to read my bible every day but I keep forgetting!!


Welcome Laura and nice of you MaryBeth:)


Welcome Laura! You'll love it here!

Account Deleted

1. I super moody like all the time.
2. I feel like my parents don't trust me enough.
3. I don't have a really good relationship with my mom.
4. I hold all this anger and stuff inside and then it just comes out and I am crying and stuff and it is just a mess.
5. I keep trying to keep my grades up because my mom grades me this year and every year after but I don't know why I can't when I am just doing my all.
P.s. Welcome bunches Laura and I am praying for everybody. And please pray for me to get into this thing for discovery girls magazine.


Wow,you applied,I'll be praying for you,lots of luck and don't forget to be yourself.

Halle Belle

Welcome Laura!!
Praying for you thelittleflower!

-Halle Belle


hi im anna im new to this blog Marybeth brought me here.im am a missionary in Europe,i like horse riding, im 12 years old!


Hi Anna!!


Welcome Anna,well that's two in a row,nice to have you here:)


Weclcome Anna and Laura!(so great marybeth told you about this!)

1:Outside of my friends, at school i feel like a social misfit.(one of my teachers even nicknamed me, "the quiet one"

2:Everyone in my math class thinks im really smart, and its hard trying to live up to that.

3:Friendship issues! :(

Account Deleted

Yep I applyed and thanks for praying for me and welcome Anna. (Wow Marybeth two people you're amazing) ~thelittleflower~


WELCOME Laura and Anna! ♥
Praying LittleFlower! I hope I get to see you on the cover!
Thanks for praying for me everyone! I didn't place but I had loads of fun and still got two medals!

1. My sister not doing her jobs, then I do them for her, and I don't get credit, she doesn't get in trouble.
2. controlling myself when it comes to my 6 year old sister.
3. I think I am eating too much junk food.
4. I enjoy hanging out with adults rather than kids my age. or kids that are a few years older then me. (Don't worry, the adults are my moms friends)

That's all off the top of my head.
Praying for everyone! ♥
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥


1. don't think anyone really understands me
2. I want to be closer to God, but it isn't easy
3. I want to stop being so shy

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