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April 21, 2015


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Well for the first question Jacob had two wives because Laban (Leah and Rebekah's father) tricked Jacob to marry Leah because the first born back then must be married first even though Jacob loved Rebekah. So then Jacob worked for seven more years for Laban before he married Rebekah. For the third question sheaves are grain or straw bundled up from what I know. For the last question a cistern is like a well but WAY bigger and it holds water like a well but this one was dry. From the brothers point of view they were jealous and I get jealous when my brothers or sisters get something that I might of wanted but it is just not right. I think I would be like Ruben and think of something else then killing Joseph. I am praying for everybody and I love you. <3 ~thelittleflower~


Miss Nancy, I got the book! Thank you, I'm excited to start reading it! I know i keep saying I'm back but dont participate, but my life is really busy so far but I'm just commenting that I'll keep trying to find time to work on our posts and stuff, and I'm going to have more free time soon so... also for the tribelet well i'll continue to look at posts and help stop bullying when i see it but i usually dont see too much bullying so i may not be able to complete some challenges, anyway,,,love you all and i'll try to talk to all of you very soon!! <3


Well,to me I'll say they were jealous like thelittleflower said and angry, I mean I won't take it lightly if my parents had a favourite and showed it out or if my little brother comes and tells me I'll bow down to him,as if. I guess they were hurt but didn't try to show it and took it all out on Joseph,way too far. Well to rebuke someone is kind of like scolding that person if they've done something wrong.


I guess that his brothers were jealous like thelittleflower said and angry,I wouldn't take it lightly if my parents had a favourite and showed it out or if my little brother comes and tells me that I'll bow down to Him,as if. I guess they were hurt and took it out on Joseph,way too far. To rebuke someone is actually to scold that person if he or she has done something wrong.

Halle Belle

Hello everybody!
Praying for ALL you amazing mini-women!

In the bible, men could have more than one wife; it wasn't against the law.

The Bad Report: Joseph's dad had told Jo to check on his brothers. His brothers hadn't done what his dad had said to do. I think that that's true because Jo didn't want to dishonor his father.

Rebuke means to take back or disprove of something.

The brothers were jealous of Jo and might of thought that God didn't love them, even though that's not true.

- Halle Belle


Q, do you mean by Genesis 37-1-30: chapters 1,37,30 or 37:1-30? Thanks


Emma Adeline

I'm in.

Emma Adeline

I can relate to Joseph's brothers really well, actually. Sometimes it seems like my dad favors my younger sister over me and my other siblings. The difference is that I'm, obviously not going to sell her to anybody.


Joseph's brothers were obviously angry,jealous and hurt. I admit I'll actually feel one of those if my parents had a favourite and showed it or if my little brother told me I'll bow down to him,but Joseph's brothers went way too far. I know this question has already been answered but I have another definition,to rebuke someone is to scold that person for doing something wrong.


Joseph's brothers brothers were jealous,angry and hurt, I understand how they felt,because I've actually been jealous of some of my siblings in the treatment given to them.


Joseph's brothers were jealous,angry and hurt. I totally understand how they feel because I've felt that way some times concerning the special treatment given to my siblings.


Joseph's brothers felt jealous,angry and hurt. I've feel like that once in a while when my siblings get a special treatment from my parents, but his brothers went too far.


I, truthfully, would try to make their life as miserable as possible without actually hurting them physically. Heh...

When born, Jacob is given the name "Jacob" meaning, "trickster, supplanter, heel grabber." After he wrestles at Jabbok, he is renamed "Israel" meaning "strives with God."

Praying for all of you AWESOME Mini-Women!
Love, Sierra. ♥♥♥


Jacob had two wives because Laban tricked him. I think Joseph was honest in the reports because he stood up for what's right when Potiphar's wife tried to be with him. A cistern is like a well. Rebuked means that you say something to prevent evil. Jacob was called Israel because he wrestled with God. Sheaves is like wheat. I get on really well with my brotherB-)

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