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May 27, 2015


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Thank you miss Nancy.

Welcome Zoey.

I am so glad your here. I know you will love it.

Please pray. We go camping soon pray that it will go well. Thanks.

Halle Belle

Praying MaggieBear!

-Halle Belle


Praying for you Meggiebear. ILYGMFMW ~thelittleflower~


This is a comment that goes for the last post.

I think I will try t read the book of Luke. I have read a few stories from Luke and I really liked them. So that is why.

Also thank you for praying.
Praying for everyone.


Hey Mini-Woman! Sorry I haven't been on, life is happin' for me!

I have some exciting news!! Drum roll please..I got my first period!
The only problem is, that I'm going to cabins with friends, and my friends don't know yet, and the other thing is that there's boys, who are already awkard to be around already.



Congrats Leah. Remember that God is with you so don't worry. :)If I haven't already, welcome Zoey. You'll love it here.
Hadassah xxx


Congrats Leah! I hope it is going GREAT... that sounds weird..you know what I mean. I still haven't got mine. But I know that everything at camp will go great, even with the boys. How did you tell your parents? Sorry, I am just so curious.


Praying for you, Leah! Congratulations! :D
-Asher ^_^


Congratulations Leah,God is with you,like Hadassah said. I'm so happy for you :-)

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