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May 06, 2015


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Miss Nancy when I clicked on the link it took me there, but there was no post and it said: "Check back soon for more information!"
Did that happen to anyone else?!?!?!?!?! :-(


Account Deleted

Yeah that also happened to me to. Miss Nancy what's wrong!!?? :( ~thelittleflower~

Halle Belle

The same thing happened to me!
I was on it yesterday, nothing was wrong.
What's going on!?!

-Halle Belle


yup, same with me

Miss Crystal

Hey ladies, Miss Crystal here. I don't think anything is "wrong." However, it's possible that Miss Nancy didn't get a post for today. I'm not sure.

In any case, she is away this week, so we should assume there isn't one for today. Sorry!


Same with me :-(


I checked it just now,and there's a post and welcome to the blog Jamie hope you love it here :-)

Account Deleted

Thanks Nimi!!!!! :) ~thelittleflower~


You're welcome!


I have a few important prayer requests.

First of all my sister got sick today. So please pray for that.

And last please pray that the rest of my family won't get it either.

I'm will be praying for you all. God bless you.

Account Deleted

Dear God,
I pray for Meggiebear's sister that she will be healed quickly and that You would protect all of Meggiebear's family from this sickness. I pray for all the Mini-Women that they will continue to have a relationship with You
In Jesus' name, AMEN~thelittleflower~


Hi girls! And Welcome Jamie!
Thanks for the prayers, Mum is getting home in a couple of days.
Mrs Nancy, today the 3rd Mean Girl Makeover book arrived in the mail. I ordered one from Koorong but this says it's from you. Was I meant to get it? Thanks.
ILYGMFMW! (I Love You Girls My Fellow Mini-Women. Amelia used to say that in 2012.)

Adie Mcintosh

Welcome Jamie!
Ana and I just got home from our friends house and her dog is much better.
Thanks so much for prayers!



Thank you mini woman for praying. My sister is feeling better.

Praying for everyone.


Amen! I've been so busy throughout this week so I guess I could really use that prayer and I'll still pray for you MeggieBear, I've seen the last post but haven't commented and I wanted to say I love your creative side Ana! :-) I guess I'll use that abbreviation soon :-)

Account Deleted

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I hope you wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day! I love you all and praying for you too.~thelittleflower~


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there. We thank you all for everything that you do to make a difference in our lives. You are Magnificent Outstanding Marvelous. We love you! Praying for all the mini-women as well.


Happy mothers day.

Moms are really important and special vial so tell them. " Happy mothers day" praying for everyone.


Happy late mothers day!!!!! Glad your sister is feeling better MeggieBear!



Happy late Mother's day from me too!
that site is cool Miss Nancy!
I won't be on very often because my computer broke (the Motherboard got fried)so right now I am using my dad's computer. :-)
Praying for all you AWESOME Mini-Women!
Loving Life,
Sierra. ♥♥♥

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