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May 05, 2015


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Thanks for doing 2 code cards on one page! They're a lot smaller and better for my tribelet!
And i'll try coming up with my own. I have your Faithgirlz bible, so i've read some of those things.



I'll see what i find!


I am having a super hard time keeping up with my Talking To God Journal. So, please pray that I can get back on task. It seems as though when I think all the crazy 6th grade projects, testing, and weird experiments (yet REALLY fun) are over, it all starts back up again! So, whenever I have free time, I just lay down and sadly just play my 3DS XL or watch TV. Please pray! Thanks!

Halle Belle

Praying for you Kaylee.
Miss Nancy, I don't understand, are you asking what we would do in Sarah's shoes?

-Halle Belle

P.S. I finished another one of your books and LOVED it. My mom got some of your books too, and said they are really good. I also have a bunch on hold at the Library. Thanks again! You've helped come closer to God.


I made a list of the steps for putting yourself in the characters place, and I am going to use it as a bookmark for my bible, then whenever I am curious about if I am like some person then I can figure that out!


Praying for you all

Account Deleted

Like Halle Belle I don't really understand what you want us to do? Praying for you Kaylee. I know Halle Belle aren't Miss Nancy's books the BEST ever. (I just had to really had to say that because I Love the books the same way you do.) ;) Gregarious idea Jamie I think I will probably do that to. Thanks!!!! :) ~thelittleflower~ p.s praying for you all. Love you!!!!!


Praying for all of you AWESOME Mini-Women!
Loving life,
Sierra. 💝


I think that we are all a bit like Sarah in that when something looks impossible and you know you are not good at it. So when says something positive and says you can do it, sometimes like Sarah, you just want to laugh out loud or say, "Really? Seriously? Do you really think so? Are you sure that you are talk to the right person about this? I mean look at me!" Then the person who tried to encourage you will rebuke you because you shouldn't be talking like that. Is that what you were looking for Miss. Nancy?

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