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May 01, 2015


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Account Deleted

It is so wonderful!!!! :) I love the whole layout. My favorite part is…EVERYTHING. Actually my favorite part is the success stories. They are amazing. I love this. I love all of y'all and praying for everyone of you girls. ~thelittleflower~


Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm Ana's little sister, Adie.:):)
The new website is really cool! (and this one too)


Welcome Adie!!! I'm very happy that you've joined!
Ladies, our friends dog cut himself really badly and he had to be taken to have it stitched up. Please pray for him.
And also for us...our mum is going to be away for 2 weeks. Please pray for safety for her and our little siblings as they travel.
Thanks, ladies. You're amazing!

And the website is so cool! Adie and I were clicking on this and that and figuring everything out. I like the drawings, Melody!


Welcome Adie!

I love the website. I also really like the layout and artwork.


Also I will be praying for you Ana and Adie.


Welcome Adie,you'll love it here especially with your big sis here. Praying for you and Ana,hope everything goes according to God's will. I love the artwork,it's so tweenish(if that's a real word),it's really really helpful,Thank you Mrs. Nancy and Melody!:)!:)


Welcome Adie! I love the website! It is so cool! It's really nice that there are older girls to ask questions and the success stories are so touching! I love your cartooned picture Miss. Nancy! It's so pretty! That goes for you too Melody! Love your drawings. I simply love everything! :) God bless you all especially Miss. Nancy and Melody! :)
Praying for everyone!


I just met someone in Prague last week and she goes to a public school with a LOT of bullying and bad things I'm not going to say (she's a Christian). Can you pray for her as she feels uncomfortable with it? I have her E-mail so I can give her some tips or even introduce her to this blog:) I checked out the website . . . it's AMAZING!! Thanks Miss Nancy. Welcome Adie!!! I hope you love it here:)


Welcome Adie! You will love it here! Normally when welcoming someone, I would tell them to ask me or any other mini-women if they have any questions. But of course, you have your PHENOMENAL big sister! Tell your friend that I will be praying for her. We love her too! The website is PHENOMENAL. I love everything about it. I really don't have a favorite part because it is so wonderful. I really do enjoy where we can ask "elders" any questions we have. The layout is amazing! Kudos to you!

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Welcome Adie!!!!! It is so nice to have sisters on here. I will pray for your family and your dog Adie and Ana. I will pray for your friend Marybeth. That is so sad that is happening. I will pray for all of you Mini-Women. I love you. God loves you to. ~thelittleflower~


Welcome Adie!!!!! Cool to have another pair of sisters around here! Abi (Hasn't posted in a while) and I are sisters too!
Checked out the website yesterday. Really AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good drawings Melody! Overall great website. 5 stars from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Nimi, your story is on there! You famous!


I wouldn't say I was famous Eve, I just hope my story helps anyone out there in this world that's a victim of bullying,but you made my day Eve by calling me 'famous', I guess YOU are too!:)!:)


Miss. Nancy and Melody have ✴✴✴✴✴ from me too :-D xxx


Praying for you Ana and MaryBeth!
the website is cool.
Praying for all you AWESOME Mini-Women!
Loving life,
Sierra. ♥♥♥


hello, my name is Jamie, and I am new to this tween blog! I haven't had any bullying experiences myself,but I hope the website helps people who do, it looks really cool!


Welcome Jamie :-D You'll love it here :-D


Welcome Jamie!
I bet you will really like this blog.

Praying for you all.

Account Deleted

Welcome Jamie. I hope you love this blog because it is a amazing. Wouldn't you agree? ~thelittleflower~

Halle Belle

Welcome everybody!
Praying for everybody!
The website sounds cool.
Haven't had chance to look yet...

-Halle Belle

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