June 05, 2015


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I knew authentic HAD to be the word :-) Erin and Keilah, a talking to God journal is a book which you talk to God like you would to a close friend,it can contain all the things that make you happy or sad and even an account of your day with all the details in it(I do that),it mainly helps you find out the REAL you,so it works together with the word authentic :-) Zoey,your journal is so nice especially the way you write in "code ". Good job to you Asher and Ana, but Mrs. Nancy,it was Hadassah that came up with the word first. I'll be back with my image but the b words are:
Beautiful(we really are,especially in God's sight :-)
Beloved( we are really loved by God)


My image is short stuff because I am really short. Welcome Erin and Keilah!!!!!! And welcome back Lianna!!!! Zooey I LOVE how you write in code. Super duper cool! And Miss Nancy I don't think I can join on Sunday with the elders live thing because I don't have a google plus account but you said it will be on youtube so I was just thinking can you post the link or tell us what it is called so I can at least be apart of it THANKS!! And my b word are Beautiful, Beloved, Blessed, Brave, and Brilliant. ILYGMFMW ~thelittleflower~

Ilaria G.

When I try to fit in, I have this plastered fake smile on my face, like some sort of smile bot, going along with everything everybody says.

As for the live broadcast, I can't make it because we have church on Sunday, plus choir practice and errands after.

My B word:

Kinda weird, but it makes me think about how we have to walk the path that God has set for us, and do his calling.


Happy National Dount Day!! :P ILYGMFMW ~thelittleflower~


That's sweet of you Nimi for backing me up. My image is a blue blob with a thermometer in it's mouth. My b words are Beautiful, blessing, bold, bright and what the other girls said really again.


Its alright Hadassah,can someone please explain the image part,I'm not really clear with it.


Adie's and my "B" words are:
When I'm not being myself (which often happens when I'm around people I don't know well!) I talk a lot. Sometimes I giggle stupidly, too.
I'll think more about my image.
Love you all,


I did it AGAIN! Posted using Adie's name, I mean. :)


Hey guys. Annelie here.

My b word is bond. It is what we need to have with our heavenly father. He has broken out bonds with sin and evil and death so we can bond with him. We also bond with our family and friends. I like brave and beautiful and bold and blessed though.

My image is probably a big red heap. It's because when I'm trying to fit in I get really embarrassed afterwards and want to get fall into a heap.

Annelie xxx
PS. What does ILYGMFMW mean?


ILYGMFMW means I Love You Girls My Fellow Mini Women Annelie . Nimi, for the picture, you have to think of how you feel when you are not yourself. For instance, my blue blob with a thermometer in it's mouth shows how sad I can get when I'm not authentic. Miss. Nancy feels all pointy and sharp when she's not herself. Does that help? I hope so.


Well, I haven't started a Talking To God Journal yet, or drawn this image, but I will, the image I thought of is my body with a red flaming brain, and a smile on my face, which means I get angry with someone but I just have this big smile on my face. And go along with the crowd.



Oh, and I also LOVE the code ZOOEY! It's useful...especially with little brothers!


It helps so much,Hadassah,thank you :-) Its true Keilah,ESPECIALLY with little brothers. Well my image will look the exact opposite of me, "An annoying yippy puppy,who wants to get all the attention" which 'I' don't even like at all. I might not be able to draw it but I'll try.


Word that starts with the letter B that every Mini-Woman should know: I think it is Believe, or Beautiful (I agree with: ADIE, ANA, HADASSAH, THELITTLEFLOWER, NIMI)


I think some important words would be believe, benevolence(basically kindness), bravery, beauty and of course, Bible. Those are definitely words to live by.


Oh! So that's what ILYGMFMW means! I've been wondering what it meant. In that case, ILYGMFMW! By the way, I'm normally pretty authentic (there's no reason not to be), but when I'm not, I don't really think of a picture, but I suppose it would be a picture of myself with a smaller me curled up inside. Like, I want to do something, but I just go along with what the others want to do, even if I don't want to do it. So it's like the real me is curled up deep down inside the me who follows everyone else. ILYGMFMW!


Hi everyone! Please pray for my family. The not-real me is, like Llaria G. says, fake smiles and feeling like I don't fit in my real mold.
B words: (my fav's are benevolance and barefoot from you guys!)
-Born again
-Breastplate of righteousness
-Barmy (a very British word for insane)
-Asher ^_^


Oh, I forgot one word starting with B: beginning. And A words are assertive and altruistic, but it's a bit late for that. :)

Halle Belle

Hey, guys!
So y'all already said what the TTGJ is.
What I "drew" was STUPID IDIOT WRONG!!!
Whenever I'm not being my self I think that.
You gals have some pretty good B words.
Mine would be: Beautiful, Blessing, and Blessed.
Would you guys pray for my family, our AC is STILL out!!!!!

-Halle Belle


I'll be praying Halle Belle :-)

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